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    Helmet holder / lock

    I simply use the two nubs under the seat...didn't spend a thing and only need one key.
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    Radar Detector on a GenII??

    I failed to mention that I use PowerLet connectors on my RD. Working on creating a more visible visual alert from it. LED and some electronics and I should be set. :nana:
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    FS: Custom 08 FZ1

    Definitely a nice bike, but to be honest, the price is high. You typically don't get your money back on mods. They're custom to you, not the new owner. I bought a new FZ-1 for $7500. Granted no mods, but now it is fully custom to me and I know I'll lose most if not all the money I put in it...
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    Front/Rear Sprockets and Chain

    BTW, going down (-1) in the front is equivalent to +3 on the rear.
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    Front/Rear Sprockets and Chain

    Currently running stock gears (going to 16T front on Friday) but w/ all my other mods, I can lift the front in 2nd gear at 4.5k rpms w/ just a blip of the throttle. Doesn't come way up, but 4-6 inches w/ no issue, not clutch involved.
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    Radar Detector on a GenII??

    I ride w/ my V1 all the time. Currently i have a mount that connects to my windscreen and holds the V1 securely and have a couple Powerlet jacks on the bike for power. The problem you'll have is hearing it. You won't. You'll also need to get a Radar Screamer as well or constantly be looking...
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    extreme ripoff or is the dealer right???

    Keep looking, deals are out there. In '10 I bought a '09 new from a dealer for $7500, and it was April. Check out the other board fz1oa, a few bikes there for sale at a good price.
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    FZ1 Riders Show us your baby!!

    Since taking these I've changed the grips to PG 700's and added LPR shorty Black levers.
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    Air box mod and gutted cat? yes no?

    I don't get why people say you can't do the flies w/o a pc3 or 5. I've gutted, cut the airbox, blocked the ais and cut my flies down and haven't flashed or put in a pc3/5. would it benefit me, sure, but does it hurt not to have it, no. My bike runs much better than stock w/ no side effects...
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    Seat help.

    I did Spencers seat mod and love it. Such a difference and cheapest option out there. Page 1
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    What did you do to your FZ today?

    Put my new Black Shorty Levers on...looks so much better.
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    Still Hog free at work

    The new ZX10 is a nice ride, cramped, but nice (spelled fast) :)
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    Gen II Radiator Guards

    I ordered my black one via your website and peepal today...looking forward to getting it.
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    Ohio riders where ya at?

    I'm game. I'm in NW Ohio but easy enough to meet in Columbus or somewhere in between...possibly Theils Wheels in Upper Sandusky or closer to Columbus. My schedule is nuts but post up some good dates and we'll figure something out.
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    Upgraded Powder Coated Radiator Guard

    Just ordered one, should have a long time ago. Looked at others, but would rather support a FZ brother.