1. O

    New FZ1

    Hey y'all. I just bought my FZ1 last week and am loving it so far. It's a 2012 with about 4,000 miles on it now. I bought it from the original owner. Every time I ride, I'm amazed how smooth and capable this bike is. I've never ridden anything this new, so it's quite an improvement...
  2. lytehouse

    Another Colorado Ride

    So my son came home from Florida and we set out on a quick little 4 day/3 night ride. He hasn't been on a bike in about 3 years or so since he sold his FZ1 when he moved to Fla. Luckily, we have an extra bike in the garage that he could borrow.... We headed out Monday morning towards Gunnison...
  3. loosenut

    A ride up Del Puerto Canyon

    This is from 9/6/2015 http://youtu.be/9Wy5ELUdEGY
  4. Clyde

    2015 Yooper Madness II Iron Butt

    On Saturday I completed my first Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000! Three of us from my local club joined what turned out to be about 50 other riders for a 1000+ mile trip central Michigan around the Upper Peninsula (UP) and back to Lansing. We ended up doing it in about 21 hours, including a nap just...
  5. Lonney

    RTE PA Lancaster sat 8-1

    The ST group in having a ride to eat in Lancaster/Intercoarse at a delicious buffet called the Shady Maple . Everyone is showing up at 1100 and there will be a ride afterwards.
  6. ballmead

    (Sydney/Central Coast) Ride to Terrigal Sunday 26th July

    I thought I would post this ride in it's own thread. We are going on a ride this weekend up the Old road to Terrigal for lunch and back. We will be meeting 11am this Sunday 26th July @ "Pie in The Sky" on the Old Rd. Pie in the Sky | Unbeatable Australian Pies for details on how to get...
  7. Klurejr

    Klurejr's July 2015 Sierra Crossing Ride Report

    Well guys, my first big ride was a total success. I had a great time. Here is a brief ride report with some pics. I still have not had time to make any compilation video's but I do have a number of hours of footage to wade through to pick out the best stuff. I was on my Yamaha Vstar touring...
  8. W

    Coolant fluid from overflow after ride

    Hi first of all,hello to everyone as I've just joined the forum.i came back from a 180 mile ride yesterday,put the bike in garage on side stand and noticed a small amount of coolant fluid on floor that had dripped from overflow pipe on left side.ive checked the reservoir this morning and it's...
  9. jared p

    Went for a little ride

    3 day trip with some buddies, washington, idaho, montana, oregon
  10. Klurejr

    Picked up a new Ride - 2007 V Star 1300 Touring

    My wife wanted a HD and while I was not opposed to one, the cost was just too prohibitive. So I had her start looking at Metric Cruisers to find ones that she liked that would work for 2-up touring. We finally decided on the V-Star line and found a very nice 2007 1300 with the Touring package...
  11. O

    NOOB Here

    Hey, I am new to the world of FZ1 ownership. A friend of mine had a 2001 that I enjoyed riding years ago. This one popped up on a local classified ad site a while back and never sold, so I was able to get a good deal on it. It is a 2002 with a Holeshot slip-on and Dyno Jet kit, according to...
  12. Morgstang

    Brenham, Tx. And Surrounding Area Weekend Ride...

    My lovely wife and i ride every weekend...i have a 2009 FZ1 and my wife has a 2007 Ninja ZX6...we have some great scenic and curvy country roads...i lead rides all the time and we enjoy meeting new people...our ride pace can vary from a gentle ride thru the countryside to a very spirited pace...
  13. Morgstang

    New member from Brenham, Tx.

    I have been a member of the FZ1OA board and just joined here...i have a 2009 FZ1 Retro..my wife and i love to ride and try to ride every weekend...she rides a 2007 Ninja ZX6....anyone around our area is welcome to join us...we have great scenic and curvy country roads with no traffic at all...
  14. loosenut

    Presidents day ride 2015

    More video for those stuck in winter! http://youtu.be/E6hCrirj3Bs?list=UUTjMITRqAnVwCABSRF93zlg
  15. Dustin

    Yamaha TMAX Coming to the USA!

    Yamaha TMAX Comes to America for 2015 I totally want to ride one
  16. F

    New Member from Austin, TX

    Bought my bike back in December and have barely had any chances to ride. Between the cold and rain, it's mostly stayed in the garage! Looks like this weekend may be good and I'll try to get some pics with my real camera. I'm not going to customize much, but I added a Yoshi pipe...
  17. G

    GI: 2012 FZ1 San Antonio, TX

    So I'm considering selling my 2012 FZ1, at the time I picked it up I was going through a lot of insurance crap with my '06 (18 wheeler jacknifed in front of me on the highway) waiting to see what the insurance company was going to say, was unsure how long it would take getting the parts to...
  18. banzai

    Sydneysiders Wednesday Ride January 7th

    I'm going on a ride this coming Wednesday, January 7th Start at Berowra 7/11. 7.15 for 7.30am start Head down to the Berowra ferry -> To Wisemans Ferry -> Up through Central Mangrove -> Old Road and stop at Kangaroo Point (by the Mooney Mooney bridge) for Brunch/Lunch whatever -> Home...
  19. R

    First Post

    Hey y'all. I'm a long time rider from Canada. Been on bikes since I was 5, way back in 1981. I've owned several bikes, mostly Yamahas. I currently have a 2006 R1 which I bought new and a 2008 FZ1. I'm a nutter, like to ride fast and do wheelies when the time is right. Almost always ride in full...
  20. I

    Ride magazine fz1 used guide - respect at last

    I have owned my 2009 FZ1Na from new and have always been frustrated that whenever the FZ1 is featured or group tested in bike magazines with other so called "SUPER NAKEDS such as triumph speedtriples , aprilia tuonos honda CB1000R" etc, it always seems to be considered the poor relation and...