1. M

    New membah in Brooklyn, NYC

    Hello all. I thought I posted my intro a few days ago but don't see it. Apologies if it posted twice. So I just sold my 2002 Kawasaki Concours. Great bike but a real bear in the city riding I primarily do. I'm looking at an '02 FZ1 tomorrow. May be an FZ1 owner by the afternoon. Woohoo...
  2. H

    My New (to me) 2014 FZS10

    2014, ~7,000 miles, Needed tires; the rear was original (!). Did an oil change immediately, put new Dunlop SportMax Q3+ tires on it yesterday. Cleaned the RK gold chain up (it was disgusting and STIFF). Put the rear "fender" assembly back on for the new tag. Back together and ready to ride...
  3. C

    Slow decline to an ultimate death

    Hello to the FZ1 world! I'm new to the forum as far as posting, but have used so many of these discussions to help troubleshoot. A couple of months ago I purchased a 2009 Yamaha FZ1. This being my first bike of this caliber, I wasn't sure what to expect, how the bike was going to feel, how...
  4. Bogie

    First Proper Tw0-Up Ride of the Year on the C!4

    Got out for a good 300 mile ride today on the C14. Tomorrow morning its out to the garage to swap out the stock headers for the Titanium R1 headers on the FZ10, :icon_beer:
  5. F

    My ride on the dyno

    Did a test run today, was not disappointed https://youtu.be/6WSwgCtTCQs
  6. R

    Bazzaz help needed, sputtering troubleshoot, possible custom map dl?

    Greetings, I ride a 2009. Full Yoshi, K&N, block-off plates, and I've just had the Bazzaz Z-FI Fuel Controller installed. Upon their recommendation I've backed off the fueling a small percentage to account for the fact that I live at 6000ft elevation and regularly ride over 11 - 12,000 ft...
  7. loosenut

    First Spring ride

    It's been wet when I could ride, so it had been a while. http://youtu.be/_GgzEMGDZuI
  8. F

    Rough Idle and Low RPM... I'm out of Ideas

    Any help, ideas, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I've spent all the time I've had over the past couple of weeks trying to get this straight and I'm out of ideas. Mods at the beginning: LARS airbox mod BMC Filter Leo Vinci Slip-on Chronological order of events: 1) Picked up a used...
  9. Lazy Libran

    Anyone here with Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

    Hi All.. I'm looking around for new FZ1N tires and am leaning towards Dunlop RoadSmart 3's BUT the Rosso 3's are also getting good reviews. Anyone here got any first hand information re: these? I ride and commute in all weather conditions so wet condition reviews are also important for me...
  10. lytehouse

    Fall ride Sept. 29

    Since we're so starved for new stuff here, thought I'd post up a few ride pics from last Thursday. Kinda a spur of the day moment, we headed up north to hit Guanella Pass and Mt. Evans Rd. Anyhoo here's a few things I thought were memory card worthy :)
  11. FZ1inTX

    Brenda's BMW F 700 GS

    I was searching the forum for your GS Brenda and only found the initial pic. Can you please post a review, new pics, the mods you've done, etc? A few of you know I'm looking for a new ride for my wife. All the searches for a proper sport bike for the vertically challenged all point back to...
  12. Klurejr

    Iron Butt Ride - Day 2

    My group ended up only doing the Saddle Sore portion of the ride at 1000 miles in less than 24 hours, so the second day was an easier 200+ miles day. https://youtu.be/ggi7soxkN3k
  13. N

    Annual run hwy 1, 101, 36 california

    Going again. The long trip before deployment. Reno to Napa, hwy 128 to Cloverdale, hwy 128 to Ft. Bragg, hwy 101 to hwy 36, past Almanor and back to Reno. For Me it's an 1100 mile ride, for most 750 miles in 3 days. Anyone is welcome, we ride to all levels. Just out there to have some fun and...
  14. J

    2003 Fz1 fs

    Great condition around 10000 miles. D&D exhaust and ivans jet kit. Needs new tires and could use a carb clean. I have an fz9 now so i dont ride this one much anymore. $3200. Eny.
  15. loosenut

    SF Bay area ride Saturday May 14th

    OK, I have a FZ1 (and friends) group ride set for Saturday May 14th. We will be riding "The Loop" (Calveras Rd., Mines Rd.and Sierra Rd.) This ride would start in Milpitas, CA meeting at Peet's coffee in the Safeway shopping center at 9:00 with KSU at 9:30 AM. Map location of start...
  16. silentcropduster

    Custom Gen2 seat, almost new

    I had this made by Spencer from "great day to ride" (google it), truly a very well done custom seat, it doubled my ride time. It has "Supracor" Supracor - Flexible Bonded-Honeycomb Products It's been on my bike maybe 1,000 miles, no rips, tears, etc. Worth $200 new + shipping. Asking $150 OBO...
  17. S

    Finally have the FZ1!

    Yesterday I finally rode my new-to-me 2010 maroon FZ1 back home from the dealership! I am really looking forward to riding this season and learning more about my bike as I ride. I traded in my 2002 6th gen. VFR800 and I will surely miss it, but i was all grins with the FZ1 :)
  18. T

    Need battery advice!

    When I purchased my fz1 (which the seller told me is a 2009 model but is registered as a 2008 model, and the mechanics placed it as a 2008 model also here in AUstralia?) I was told that it had been sitting for a while. It wouldn't start on my inspection! Was covered in a lot of dust. I returned...
  19. Oldschool

    October Dawn till' Dusk

    With fall in full swing and a rare warm Thanksgiving weekend coming, I planned a long day (Dawn till Dusk) ride as a sort of Grand Finale to the season. Most of the time trying to get my ridding buddies together for a ride is akin to herding cats, but they must have sensed the impending end to...
  20. O

    New FZ1

    Hey y'all. I just bought my FZ1 last week and am loving it so far. It's a 2012 with about 4,000 miles on it now. I bought it from the original owner. Every time I ride, I'm amazed how smooth and capable this bike is. I've never ridden anything this new, so it's quite an improvement...