1. SunDevilStormin

    Perfect NOV weather...

    was bored today, said to my wife 'hey, gonna go for a ride", she says "I'm going too!" We put in 120 miles RT, to Globe AZ and back. Got a huge bug-splat on my visor in Superior AZ and so I pulled into Picket Post trail-head and cleaned it off, this is where we got the shots. Very...
  2. loosenut

    Pre Turkey Day ride

    Here is a 26 min video from yesterday. I'm sure some of you experiencing bad weather or bad family could use it. http://youtu.be/r7R27fYonFY
  3. Bogie

    Happy thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Hope you all got a chance to stuff your faces and maybe some of you got out for a ride!!!
  4. FZ1riderNY

    Canonfuji Joins The GenII Club!!!

    Well, after riding my bike for a short sprint two weeks ago, Ray decided that his 148,000 mile GenI was getting a bit old and was finally time for an upgrade. After a brief search on Craigslist, he found what he was looking for, a mint condition 09' Gray/Black, with 3,900 miles on the clock...
  5. SunDevilStormin

    "Where the Hell is Tortilla Flat!"

    that a common bumper sticker in AZ The temps dropped this week and I had a gap between meetings at work so I decided a lunchtime ride out on Apache Trail was in order. It's got some nice twisties, but is heavily travelled and pretty rough in spots. Got stuck behind some snowbirds from...
  6. CorrectionsK9

    Old Member new area

    Just moved to South West Florida looking for some new guys to ride with down here.... Craig :icon_beer:
  7. Templar

    2015 yamaha fj-09

    Seen the pics, and talked with a dealer today mentioning the bike. Anyone out there on the planet actually seen or ride this Yamaha model?
  8. Sactown2008

    2008 Sat for ten days, then would not start

    Anyone encounter this? The bike turned over and over this morning but would not start. I have not been on the 08 FZ1 in 10 days. I normally ride her to work on Monday and Thursday. I always put it on the Battery Tender Jr "the night before," a ride. It ALWAYS starts in 1-2 seconds. I have...
  9. FZ1riderNY

    AMA Races / PA Vacation 2014 Official Thread

    So I'm back from yet another wonderful vacation spent in the beautiful State of Pennsylvania. Brian (Blavenia), Michelle, and Lexi were gracious for giving me room and board once again this year and I'm blessed to have such dear friends. We started our vacation with the last AMA Race of the year...
  10. OneSizeFitsAll

    Smokey Mountians and beyond

    Jumping on the Hondapotamas early Wed. am for a ride back east. Never in been in that part of the states so I am really jazzed for this ride and hope to rack up 7-8k miles by the time I get back to Ca. Our Lytehouse has been kind enough to offer her home for a nights stay on Thursday...
  11. Dragon with luggage

    Dragon with luggage

    <p>This was my first trip on the Tail of the Dragon before we set up the tent, so I have all my luggage on the bike.  I\'m being chased by my friend, John on his first Gen V-Max.  There were some better pictures, but I wanted to get the V-Max in the same...
  12. CorrectionsK9

    Whats new??? I haven't been on for a while. Still buying up those old GSXR's

    Well have I missed anything? I have been busy working and getting ready to move, but I had a chance to get the FZ out for a ride today so I thought I would log in and see whats new since the format change of the site.
  13. Blavenia

    Would you buy it?

    Okay all. As usual I'm on the fence with the KTM bikes. Now I have another question as I creep closer and closer to the Super Duke 1290 R. Got a demo ride on the RC8R the other day and liked it a lot. Actually a lot easier to ride than I expected. Also took a ride on the MV Agusta Rivale...
  14. Borrego Springs, CA

    Borrego Springs, CA

    Last weekends fair weather riding...
  15. IMGP0053


  16. Snow Pile

    Snow Pile

    After weeks below freezing, then a day of rain, temps climbed above 40. Couldn't resist going for a ride.
  17. Misty Mountains

    Misty Mountains

    Colorado Route 67 between Deckers and Woodland Park.
  18. kaosbandit

    Divine Protection From The Rattler

    If you like close calls, I had one in this ride report. Divine Protection From The Rattler ? Spirit Strike
  19. "Life is too short, ride  your best horse first!"

    "Life is too short, ride your best horse first!"

  20. Fz18


    Mountain ride