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  • Yes, we did! I spoke to Eric, but my buddy Jason had already started dealing with another sales associate there - I can't remember her name - so she wound up taking care of Will. He bought a jacket and seems to really like it.
    Yeah, been dealing with family issues for the past 4 months.. definitely not myself these days. Thanks for noticing and reaching out :)
    NP! I only vote for winners! ;) It was a great shot! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    I am sorry I missed the message you left until now. Have a Happy New Year to you & your family!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family too! Are you having a white Christmas? Not us... 51 and rain tomorrow. I kind of like it!
    So sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I forgot to bring my log in info, so I didn't have access to the site for a few days.

    We made it here, but we had several hiccups along the way that slowed us down considerably. I'll tell more in my trip report.

    And yes, I will definitely be back!

    Friday may be the best day. I'm not sure what we (the group I'm riding up with) have planned for that day, riding-wise, but there is a reception for us that evening starting at 6pm.

    As for Saturday, there is a firefighter ride that morning that is broken up into to two sections. I only plan to to the second section, since I would like to attend the breakfast that they will hold for us that morning. The actual ceremony starts at 1:00 that afternoon, after the motorcycle and apparatus procession arrives at the memorial site.

    The only definite thing on my list, is to ride up to Pikes Peak. We haven't planned when we are going to do that yet - I'm figuring we'll talk about it on the way up.
    We'll be rolling in late afternoon on Thursday the 18th. Staying at the La Quinta on Geyser Dr. We plan to leave Sunday morning - the 21st.

    Coffee sounds like the ticket, after looking at the weather forcast, lol! 50's is just starting to get chilly for us Southerners ...

    I better wear an extra layer for Pikes Peak!
    Hi Brenda,

    I'll be up in the Springs next week with a few amigos. We're riding up from the Houston area for the IAFF's annual Firefighter Memorial ceremony. Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you and some of the other locals while we're there. Not sure if the FZ1 will be ready in time for me to ride it up, but the dealership says it will be, so we'll see.

    I took your advice and gave it a shot with Cycle Canada. I'll let you know if I get a bite.
    Thanks Brenda. It's been awhile since I've written anything. I guess it was time. Hopefully I can get back to ride reports soon. I did actually try a few years ago with sending a story in to Cycle Canda, but without success. I,m not sure what might interest them.
    They were busy spamming away when I nuked them. They had 2 posts up and were working on #3. Most spammers are stupid and don't even make spotting them difficult. I doubt they actually are were they say they are, but I don't bother checking IP's I just ban the IP's
    LOL! I just now saw this visitor message. :D I've had that for years from a website that sells refurbished computers.
    Thanks for commenting on the bike photo, I didn't realize you were right here in the Springs, I'll be sure to wave if I see you out on Powers or Academy :)

    What pipe is that and what mountains are in the background??? I want to see them for myself.

    Be good,
    Tarzan from Boston
    That is actually the Publix we shop at. Unfortunately, We bought our tickets in Webster.
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