1. P

    Graves Full Exhaust, PCIII, Ohlins Shock, Sato Rearsets for FZ1 Gen2

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site. I've been riding motorcycles for over 30 years now, and owned my 2006 FZ1 since new. Unfortunately, some life changes have interrupted my motorcycle riding and I no longer ride like I use to. I look at the FZ1 every day trying to figure out justification to...
  2. T

    Power commander V or my 2006 FZ1 for sale

    Power commander v for 2006-2010 FZ1. Only used for 3000 miles. Not needed anymore. Works as new. Box, instructions and cable included. $180 +$20 shipping. Only accept paypal. Text if interested. 9039483986.
  3. darkcloud

    FZ1 awful mpg

    Hi I know this has been done to death but........... I picked up an 2010 FZ1 in Nov last..only mod is a slip on Remus can (fab sound :) ) MPG is shocking...90 miles to a tank ? :banghead: I have a second hand power commander from a FZ1 and wonder if I get fitted and remapped will this...
  4. B

    SP exhaust map

    Anyone have a map for a 2006 fz1 with SP exhaust for a power commander 3 please
  5. R

    Miss at idle and low rpm

    Hey all, new here, not to motorcycles, I was an FZ6 guy years back and am looking at a FZ1 to keep the F800GS company in the garage. The issue I'm having is the one I am looking at has a stuttering off idle and no power below 3k. I'm thinking coils, is there something else I should be looking at?
  6. B

    -Horsepower Skepticism-

    Hi folks.. Re my recently acquired 2006 Gen II FZ1. Some simple work I did immediately. Opened the air box up as per posts on this website. New K&N filter. Disconnected EXUP cables and left the valve open, on stock exhaust. My dyno tuner got rid of the fuel injection throttle...
  7. P

    Problem at 7000 rpm

    Hi, here is the problem on my FZ1 2006. Just like that, my bike started to lose power over 7000 rpm. The bike was still running and accelerating when I was under 7000 rpm. On the idle, I was able to go to the max rpm. It was until last night, I started the bike, and now, it just barely...
  8. S

    07 Fz1: Flat spot 5k - 7k

    Just bought a 07 Fz1 and was wondering if i am right that this is just how they come by default with quite lumpy fueling between 5 and 7k ? and would a power commander smooth this out? im very confused about what i need if this is the case, is the cheaper fuel controller enough to do what I...
  9. M

    FZ-1 vs FZ-10 on the track

    I have been riding my 2009 FZ1 on the street for 6 years, and also on the track for the last year. I had an opportunity to ride the FZ10 at the track through Yamaha demo days, which I was excited to do to see if it would be the eventual replacement for my FZ1. I'd like to see if my experience...
  10. F

    2008 FZ1 Not pulling cleanly in first gear

    Hey all, I have an FZ1 2008 with the following mods Power commander fuel controller Ivan's RCM Performance sub-throttle flaps Ivan's RCM Performance FCE (fuel cut eliminator kit) Ivan's RCM Performance air box and AIS modification kit BMC race air filter The bike has a great...
  11. Bogie

    Michelin 'New Generation' Power RS

    Michelin bringing out new Power RS tire. Michelin 'New Generation' Power RS | MCN
  12. S

    F/S: Scorpion Exhaust & Power Commander Package

    F/S: Scorpion Exhaust *Update: Power Commander has been sold. Exhaust still for sale; Price has been updated. Decided, after much deliberation, to go with stock exhaust on my 06' FZ1 clean-up project. For sale is this excellent condition Scorpion slip-on exhaust packaged with a Power...
  13. TownsendsFJR1300

    Looking at a new FZ1, input please?

    Good afternoon guys. I've been riding street since 1977, small and large bikes, (as well as an 04 FJR-which was just way too "HOT" , physically). I currently have an 07 FZ6 which I'm selling (and have some bites). I've owned it since 2009, did my share of mods, etc. I have bar risers...
  14. Dustin

    2017 Honda CBR1000RR

    MCN is claiming to have the real scoop on the forthcoming update for the CBR1000RR http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/2016/july/world-exclusive-2017-honda-cbr100rr-fireblade-revamped/ If it's true, I hope it's fast enough to get Nickey Hayden a WSBK championship!
  15. J

    WTB Gen 2 FZ1 Power Commander

    Title says it all. Please send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks, JP
  16. terry_b

    500 miles on my 2008 FZ1 - some thoughts...

    Well, I've finally got some miles under my belt and although I've been lurking here and soaking up info for a while, I had a few thoughts/questions. First off - what an awesome machine this is! I've always been somewhat against having a liter bike because 1) I didn't need the extra power, 2) it...
  17. M

    EXUP on 2008 FZ1

    I recently restored the valve to full function. Glad I did. I bought it used in 09 with an after market muffler that was too dam loud. E bayed a factory unit along with cables. Amazing how much low end power I restored. Bike has 46k on it now (as in 46,000 plus miles). Wanted to get this...
  18. M

    Power Commander V O2 Optimizer

    Im looking for a power commander O2 optimizer.
  19. J

    Three Stikes - Fz1 is Out

    So I'm very frustrated and at my wits end. I'm having three issues with my 2006 Fz1, and I'm not sure if they're related or isolated and just happened to occur close together. 1st) About a month ago I noticed my digital gauge display had developed at "dead spot" where it would not display...
  20. Alan_Hess

    PC-V Map Information Help

    Ok guys, I have been searching all around the site for a while now and cant find any concrete place to find good maps for the Power Commander V. Do you guys have any recommendations and links to websites? It would be greatly appreciated. What I have is a 2007 FZ1. Current Mods: -Lars AIr...