1. Delta

    Fork brace

    Hi guys I’m looking for a fork brace. Can’t seem to find any. Anyone know where to buy? Cheers guys Delta.
  2. FZ1inTX

    Might throw in the towel... for now

    I thought that moving to Texas would afford me more riding time. I thought the weather change from NH would entice me to be out on the bike more. I thought, since I'd bought a brand-new home, I'd have nothing but time on my hands with no projects to do. I was wrong in so many ways... on too...
  3. T

    Should I buy? New to Fz series

    Looking to buy a FZ1 I found on Craigslist. The bike is a 2006 Fz1 with a euro front end conversion and 3908 miles for $5,800. I believe this is a one owner bike taken care of by an older fellow who really kept the bike clean. Obviously this sounds great, but are there any existing issues...
  4. Toph

    where do I buy blank keys?

    Hello everyone.. I own a Gen2 FZ1/s 2008 and have been looking to buy blank uncut ignition keys with the transponder chip. I have the red master key and only one black ignition key. I lost the black one today, but after much hunting, managed to find it again. put the sh*ts up me..haha..need to...
  5. S

    Heated gear

    So quite often here in Mi we get high 40 low 50* mornings and up into the 70's during the afternoon. I have a heated vest and hot grips but legs still get cold especially on the fuel tank I would prefer gear that I could leave on the bike if possible. Anything out there like that? If not...
  6. C

    05 fz1 dry clutch basket and plates!! What mods fix this??

    Tried a search and nothing.....can I buy an aftermarket clutch basket? Or drill extra holes in oem basket?
  7. D

    FS: 07+ Seat Latch - upgrade for 2006 latch

    Ever get irritated with the latch on your 2006? I did too, so I bought the improved mechanism Yamaha used on 2007-2014 models but didn't install it before deciding to sell the bike. See thread here: Seat latch mod/upgrade - FZ1OA Message Board Part reference...
  8. F

    fz1 2005 aftermarket motor fairing?

    hi, i have seen some fz1 2005 with full fairing that hide the engine but i look ebay and on many site and i dont find anywere i can buy some..:( did somebody know a brand of fairing or the internet site i can buy some thanks a lot
  9. dugancFz1

    Where to buy Zero Gravity DB shorty windscreen?

    Like the title states I'm looking to buy a Zero Gravity DB shorty windscreen, but there seems to a lack of dealers/vendors selling them. Everyone sells the standard Zero Gravity DB, but finding the short one is proving to be somewhat of a challenge. Any ideas?
  10. Chandler

    Who has a clutch review for me? Mine needs replacing

    I need to replace my clutch assembly. I haven't inspected the basket at all. I am going to go ahead and buy a gasket, plates, springs, etc. But.. What brand? EBC is typically safe. But I also saw this: Outlaw Racing Kevlar Complete Clutch Kit Steel Yamaha FZ1 FZ1-N Fazer 2006-2012...
  11. D

    About to buy an FZ1 please help

    Hey i am about to buy an FZ1 and i really need your help guys Is a FZ1 model 2010, supposedly good as new, only 3000 KM (1850 miles) and 100% original Thing is i don't trust the seller here are pictures of it maybe you can help me up finding something weird... For example why the seat...
  12. T

    Tank Grips for Gen1

    If anyone is interested in TechSpec Tank Grips for their Gen1 there is presently a group buy going on at FZ1OA. These are not readily available from any supplier as it is not in regular production. TechSpec is only making a batch based on a request from a FZ1OA member because there is enough...
  13. FZ1riderNY

    Satan V4 R1 Shock Adapter

    Anyone, anywhere..... I'm looking to buy one of Satan's V4 Shock Adapter as soon as I can. If you have one and are willing to part with it, please PM me for payment. I have messaged him and it winds up that the next run won't be until May or June. I really don't want to wait that long unless...
  14. Chandler

    Boot recommendations?

    I am not really looking for 'safety equipment'. I don't want a bike specific boot because they look tacky. I will get a pair for the track or use my alpinestars. I am looking for a casual boot (8" or so), brown, looks good with jeans. I am in the US and want to buy locally so I can fit it to...
  15. S

    Looking to buy right fork tube for Gen 2

    If you have one please let me know.
  16. O

    Should I get an FZ1?

    I am currently am riding a 2008 R6 (My first bike). Its a great bike, but a little uncomfortable for a daily commuter. I found a what looks like a 2000 FZ1 for $1750 with 44k miles. I have been doing some research and have not been able to find pictures that look like the FZ1 being sold and...