About to buy an FZ1 please help


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Hey i am about to buy an FZ1 and i really need your help guys

Is a FZ1 model 2010, supposedly good as new, only 3000 KM (1850 miles) and 100% original

Thing is i don't trust the seller here are pictures of it maybe you can help me up finding something weird...

For example why the seat is red, i never see that before! lol

PLEASE PLEASE tell me if you see something out of the ordinary, the guy send me a ton of pictures but here i am putting the best more clear ones, also what are the main things to look up when i see it in person? Thank you.


Hi and welcome
Looks a clean bike from the pics , I'm sure the red seat was just his personal choice , although not mine


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I don't know if that bike is 100% original. It has the euro front headlight (which could be because you live in South America), red seat, missing the centerstand and the shock also has a red spring, not sure if that is OEM or aftermarket. That bike really does look clean.