fz1 2005 aftermarket motor fairing?


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hi, i have seen some fz1 2005 with full fairing that hide the engine but i look ebay and on many site and i dont find anywere i can buy some..:( did somebody know a brand of fairing or the internet site i can buy some thanks a lot


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I don't know of any for the Gen 1, but there is a red set for the Gen 2 for sale onthe other FZ1 site. I don't think these are produced any more.


even in the other post is all for gen 2 f1 this is easy to find the one i look for is 2001-2005 fz1
I'll try my Google-fu and see what I can find for you. They are rare beasts, I think

Also, welcome to the forum from a fellow BC'er! :)
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