Should I get an FZ1?


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I am currently am riding a 2008 R6 (My first bike). Its a great bike, but a little uncomfortable for a daily commuter.

I found a what looks like a 2000 FZ1 for $1750 with 44k miles. I have been doing some research and have not been able to find pictures that look like the FZ1 being sold and much less parts for the 2000 model.

This bike has been laid down a couple of times. The fairings and engine covers show damage, front brake lever is broken, no front signal lights and the mirrors are missing as well. The foot controls also show damage from falling over. If it weren't enough, the transmission is also broken. The clutch slips and second gear will not stick. The guy selling it says it just needs new clutch and total cost with parts and labor is about $300. Only plus I saw was that it had new tires and chain.

The transmission problem would be fixed by a mechanic, but all other work I could do. I was wondering if this was a good buy or are parts rare or expensive for this model?

If you have a 2000 model could you post some pics to compare.


Zen Badger

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I don't know what you have there but it's not an FZ1.

The FZ1 first came out in 2001.

The whole thing smells worse than a week old bucket of prawns.

My recommendation is to steer clear.

P.s can you post pics?


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I'd walk away from that thing unless you want to spend a lot of time and cash fixing it. You can get some good to very good FZ1's for $3000 or so and you won't spend the next year trying to bring them up to road worthiness.