Boot recommendations?


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I am not really looking for 'safety equipment'. I don't want a bike specific boot because they look tacky. I will get a pair for the track or use my alpinestars. I am looking for a casual boot (8" or so), brown, looks good with jeans.

I am in the US and want to buy locally so I can fit it to my foot. I don't want to buy online and deal with the return process because I have a wide toe/ upper mid and fitting shoes is hard enough.


Why don't you just get a plain touring boot? Almost all the manufacturers make these for the very reasons you've expressed. I have used a few different touring boots in the past and they are great and very comfortable on and off the bike.

Example: Alpinestars Tech Touring

Under a pair of jeans you would hardly tell and you have the added benefit of not turning your feet into mashed potatoes if you have a crash
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i use these well for street riding. icon patrol waterproof boots. but, there's a bunch of similar styles like this that area ll great
just my .02....

I'm in law enforcement I buy these, they last me about 2 years, they can be had for 80-90 on Amazon if u watch the price (but usually go for 110-120). Very VERY comfortable, good tread, slip resistant, will take a beating. The ONLY reason I end up replacing every two years isn't bec the leather is worn, just bec the tread wears down :) Original SWAT Classic 9in. Side Zip Tactical Boots, Black, Size 10.5 115201-10.5/EU43.5: Shoes

also the pix don't do them justice, they look shitty I the pix but in real life, they are very well made. Spit shining them helps guard against road gunk.