1. T

    Dirt in the tank issues

    I recently gassed up and had immediate problems cutting out at 10k rpm. It progressively got worse and by the time I got home it was happening at 5-6k. The problem seemed to be starvation so today I took the tank off and drained as much as I could. I cant seem to get it all out so Im going to...
  2. terry_b

    Hammergrips! Nice, affordable tank grips

    Finally got around to putting grippy stuff on my tank. I was checking out the name brand stuff but I could never catch it for a decent price. I remembered this guy from when I had an SV1000 (briefly) and reached out to him. Turns out, he has a pattern for the FZ1 and they fit and feel great...
  3. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Fuel Tank

    Looking for a Gen 1 Fuel Tank - Any Color is fine.
  4. Barkeba

    Gen II Fuel tank

    In search of a fuel tank for my 08 FZ1S, took a large dent to the right side of my tank when some wanker bashed me while sitting at a stop sign
  5. N

    WTB Hard Luggage (Panniers, Tail Bag) and Tank Bag

    Title says it all thanks in advance!
  6. Delta

    Fuel tank capacity ?

    Hi fellers. Just a quick one. My FZ1 gen 2 is meant to have a 18ltr fuel tank yes? Well each time I fill up I only manage to get around 14 ltrs in. This is from the last bar flashing on the clocks and I also open the filler cap and shake to hear what's left in the tank. I only fill on the...
  7. P

    WTB: FZ1 2 gen parts

    I purchased a wrecked 06 FZ1 and looking for some used parts to put it back together, any help or leads are greatly appreciated. Foot brake lever Tank cover (plastic Bat looking piece with Yamaha logo's) Euro headlight conversion and/or all parts associated with it And fuel tank... I might ad...
  8. S

    Radiator full, expansion tank empty

    Hi all I recently took my Gen II to a local repair shop for new tires, and they mentioned that the coolant was low. I thought that was odd since I had checked it recently. Just to be sure, I double checked and I noticed that it is full at the radiator cap (where I had checked it last time)...
  9. S

    Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag, Only $25

    SOLD Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag, Only $25 SOLD Joe Rocket magnetic Manta tank bag for sale. Excellent condition. Only used a handful of times. No wear. Priced at only $25 USD plus actual cost of shipping. I have a picture of it mounted on my FZ1 that I can e-mail to anyone. Thank you.
  10. Erci

    FS: FZ1 Targa tank bra - Gen 2 (2006-current)

    I've had this on my bike for 4 seasons and it's still in perfect shape. It did an outstanding job of protecting the paint, giving me extra grip on the tank and keeping my knees warm against the tank on cold days. Bike is gone, so this needs to go. $30 shipped
  11. ghetto_d

    Tank / Tail bag

    --SOLD-- I have a convertable tank / tail bag that came with a bike I bought. It is used, but in great condition. I've never used it myself... It's black with blue. Fabric, kind of a braided nylon, like a back pack. Made by t-bags. Has magnetic tank flaps that tuck away. Has Nylon straps to hold...
  12. S

    WTB Gen1 Parts.

    Looking for: right side grab rail stator cover fuel tank with minimal or no damage Let me know, Thanks
  13. R

    First Gen Fz1 Fuel gauge issue

    Just bought a 2005 Fz1 and it seems the fuel gauge is not working properly like its not accurate at all. Has anyone else noticed this? I drove only like maybe 20 miles and it went from a full tank to 3/4 of a tank. I opened the tank and it seemed like the level of fuel hadn't changed at all.
  14. R

    Gen 2 Top Sellierie Leather tank cover- FS or FT

    Okay guys I have a 3 week old Top Sellerie leather tank cover for a Gen 2 FZ1 in black. The thing is AWESOME. fits like a glove and looks beautiful. I got it originally to cover my dented gas tank. I just happened upon a new tank and fender set in red and so I am looking to either sell this tank...
  15. R

    WTB: 2011+ Power Commander/Ivan's ECM, FZ1N Radiator Guards, Fuel tank

    As the title says, I'm looking for both a Power Commander for my 2012 FZ1 and an ECM programmed by Ivan if possible. Will give the seller my factory ECM if needed as well. I'm also in need of a set of FZ1N radiator guards, color does not matter. Also I would be interested in a Gen 2 fuel...
  16. C

    TechSpec Tank Grips

    Hey everyone, just a quick write up (its my first time :eek: ) When riding my FZ1 I found that my knees would slide around a lot making me hold on tighter to the tank and making it a little uncomfortable and especially under heavy braking and with a pillion I would slide forward too much for my...
  17. W

    Tank protectors for tank bags

    Hi I've noticed that some riders have like a thin spongy foam mesh sheet under there tank bags to protect there tank from the magnets scratching it.i was wondering if anyone knows we're to get it ..or what they use instead .....cheers
  18. dannychaos

    2012 Fz1 starting issue,fuel tank pressurization, intermittent idle stumble

    Hey guys, New to the forum,new to the Fz1. Picked up a left over 2012 with 38miles on it. Just about to roll over 600miles and I'm having a few problems. Bike is stock other than a two brothers slipon and the removal of the front fairing. Takes multiple cycles of the start button to get the...
  19. R

    Will a 2009-2010 R1 tank fit a Gen 2 FZ1

    As the title says, I found a perfect R1 tank/cover for sale super cheap here in town. Does anyone know if it will fit on an FZ1? I know there are just a few frame/motor differences between the two and the tanks look very similar other than the plastic front tank cover part. My bike is a few...
  20. R

    WTB Gen 2 tank

    As the title says, I'm looking for a dent free Gen 2 tank. Scratches in the paint are okay, although a perfect condition tank would obviously be ideal. Let me know what you have and how much you are looking to get for it. Thanks, Spencer