Had to be done


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try hopping on the FZ6R forum... a few new members every other month or so, a few posts, then....... crickets
I wonder if it would make more sense to combine all the sites into one forum with multiple sub-forums for each bike. I am also a member of a Star motorcycle Forum that have specific Subs for the different V-Star Models. Works well.


It's been fairly active around here lately. With you Aussies in summer, I've no doubt we'll get some ride reports and photos soon ;)


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I may have to go out and ride to another micro brewery or micro distillery to get a photo for the picture game soon. I thought Ballmead would have been all over that one!


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No time to ride atm, just changing parts on the bike and looking at it in the garage

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Well since there is not much going on, heres a few pics from some recent rides.
Got a new tank bag too the other day, wish I got one earlier!!!