1. Admin

    Site Speed

    Hi Everyone I upgraded the servers connection from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Let me know if you notice a difference as it adds a lot to the server cost. I want to see if its worthwhile. Thanks Dennis
  2. B


    Hello all, I'm a new member and just registered, I am the proud owner of a very nice and individual FZ1 which sadly I need to sell, could anyone tell me if there is a "for sale section" on the site, ??
  3. FZ1riderNY

    Happy Birthday Eric

    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our favorite site administrator. Hope your having a grand time in your new home. Enjoy that warm weather!
  4. Dicko

    Robot detector???

    Hi guys, I get this every time I try to access the site. I have to go back to google the website and come in that way. It's frustrating and putting me off visiting. is this some new security feature, or a hack? I'vre tried on multiple computers and different browsers with the same result...
  5. loosenut

    Had to be done

    Seeing that the site is near dead, I figure it needs at least 1 post today.
  6. F

    FS: G2 FZ1 GYTR Silencer Exhaust MINT!!!

    This one is in MINT condition with about 500 miles on it. $175.00 plus shipping. PM me as I am not on the site very much. Thanks
  7. F

    fz1 2005 aftermarket motor fairing?

    hi, i have seen some fz1 2005 with full fairing that hide the engine but i look ebay and on many site and i dont find anywere i can buy some..:( did somebody know a brand of fairing or the internet site i can buy some thanks a lot
  8. delbert

    mobile site not working

    hi anyone help ? my mobile wont load the site , been down for weeks now ,, happened some time ago and was rectified , same thing happening just get a blank white screen thanks
  9. Mac fz1n

    Dan Moto - US vs International

    I have just realised there are 2 Dan Moto websites - US and International. The US site prices are all higher than the International site (both list prices in US dollars). Has anyone from the US tried to purchase from the International site? I did notice that there is free postage to the...
  10. Admin

    New Server install

    I moved the site to a new server today. Any issues post here
  11. SteadyEddie

    Newguy comin' thru....

    Picked this beauty up last Sunday.... been trying to hook up with an FZ1 specific site since then... you folks are the first! Looking forward to tips/mods.
  12. R

    UK newbie

    Hello everyone , in a weeks time I pick up my brand new fz1n , looking forward to getting her run in , all ready for summer when it arrives , great site that I've watched for quotes while , cheers
  13. zady5

    Zady5 Throttle Snatch Method

    hello everyone I'm Italian, I have a yamaha fz1 (pictured avatar). I would like to attend your site to learn more about my bike and to learn English. thanks to all I know the way to eliminate the annoying fuel-cut all yamaha have. if you're interested I'll post how to do, and 'simple and very...
  14. zady5

    presentation new user

    hello everyone I'm Italian, I have a yamaha fz1 (pictured avatar). I would like to attend your site to learn more about my bike and to learn English. thanks to all.:noworries:
  15. Oldschool

    Almost Famous

    My years of exploring and recording my exploits has caught the eye of at least one other well -known website north of the border. I was asked permission to have my Alberta tracks used (for non-profit) so that foreign tourists could have a better shot at seeing some of the, otherwise unknown...
  16. Klurejr

    Yamaha Has Officially re-claimed

    So even though the website here changed to 998cc a while ago, my bookmarked link was still to and the site just redirected me to Well today that changed. now re-directs you to yamaha's main USA website. lol. I finally had to change my Bookmark...
  17. E

    Picked up a 2006 fz1

    New to site Just picked up a 2006 Fz1 5700miles. I'm sure I'll have questions. THANKS