1. Bogie

    New Leather for the Springfield today!

    Got my new OWB Holster for my EMP 4 Contour 1911 today from Nixon Leather. Love it!!!
  2. F

    My ride on the dyno

    Did a test run today, was not disappointed
  3. stretched06

    The old fz1

    Today a friend sent me some pics of my old bike. Made me a little sad to see her this way.
  4. Bogie

    Changed a couple things and added some today

    Made a few changes today and after years of waiting, my nickname finally came available for personalized plates!! Thanks to who ever gave them up finally!! Took the decals off the bike to remove the red. I have OEM rotors coming with black carriers to replace the red too. Changed the tail...
  5. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday Brian (Bogie)***

    Have a wonderful birthday today buddy! I wish you all the very best! Happy Birthday!
  6. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday Brad***(Hail)

    Have a wonderful Birthday today my friend!
  7. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday Loosenut***

    Have a wonderful birthday today Mike. Wishing you all the best.
  8. loosenut

    Had to be done

    Seeing that the site is near dead, I figure it needs at least 1 post today.
  9. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday Arnold***

    Big birthday wishes going out to Arnold (DenArnold) today. Happy Birthday Bud!!!
  10. FZ1inTX

    Meeting members

    Michele and I got to have brunch with Brad today. Thanks for the great suggestion for a meal! We also had a great dinner with Pete, Rachelle and Mary just before Pete was injured. Ya'll are some great folks here in TX!
  11. Dustin

    My VFR's ass exploded

    What a strange thing that happened to me today. I went for a short ride to Squamish today, my second of the week. The bike was running well and everything was dandy until I developed a misfire a few km from home. I pulled over and had a look at the bike but couldn't see anything obvious to me so...
  12. FZ1riderNY

    ***Happy Birthday Brian (Blavenia)***

    I would like to wish my dear friend Brian a very Happy Birthday today. Keep on rockin' old man!!!!!!
  13. F

    Hello from France !

    Hello all :) Sorry for my english . I hate Google Traduction ^^ My name is Nicolas i'm 28 and i'm drive a FZ8 RaceBlue. I'm sale my bike today :'( I'm leave in France not far from Paris :D Now i search a FZ1 new bike and i'm discover this forum :) Thanks in advance for your welcome :) Nico.
  14. Oldschool

    The Workshop - What did you do in Yours Today?

    There is usually something that I am working on that doesn't really fit into the Non-FZ motorcycle category, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I thought that I would make a place for things that you are working on in your Shop, Garage, Man-Cave, etc. My recent examples are improvements to my...
  15. H

    Soooo I got an FZ1 today! I thought my Bandit was fun.

    I thought my stage 3 02 Naked Bandit 1200 was fun. Oh boy have I been missing out! I just got this 01 today with 41k on the clock paid 2100 which seems like an alright deal around this time. Guy seemed to really maintain it well, just needs a few minor things (cables). He rebuilt the front...
  16. PredatorFZ1

    A couple more mods

    Well I got my ECU back from getting it flashed by Vcyclenut and installed my Graves Velocity stacks along with changing the light bulbs out to Philips Xtreme Vision Moto today. I am very happy with my choice to go with Vcyclenut for my ECU flash. The turn around time was great he received the...
  17. Hail

    My Next Triple

    Did the deal today and will pick up a Triumph Speed Triple R Tuesday after work.
  18. Blanchy

    Old Paciific Hwy

    Hey Ballmead, was that you today?
  19. Strider7

    We lost a coupla good ones today ...

    A long time friend in Florida called me earlier today to tell me that his wife of almost three years (their anniversary is 2 days from now) passed away today in a motorcycle accident. Her best friend was with her. At first it seemed that he told me that they were riding together on separate...
  20. lytehouse

    Guanella Pass, CO

    John & I rode up today to check out some fall colors :) Still trying to figure out what I did here. I was going into a corner, I know it was a bit hot, but I never felt like I was out of control, and never drifted out of my lane, but then I heard this scraping...