1. N

    Fs 2012 fz1n- $6500

    Bike is very clean with low miles- ~8000. >Carbon Fiber Belly Pan ( Made in Italy) >CNC Aluminum Black Adjustable Levers (Brake and Clutch) >Two Brothers Black Series Carbon Fiber Exhaust >Integrated LED Stop/Turn signal light. >Single FZ1N Headlight with all the needed hardware...
  2. G

    Hi from Kent

    Hi, I'm new here, bought my 57plate (2007) FZ!s in July 2018. Must say I am really enjoying it especially since doing some modifications which include the following; PC111, O2 blank, AIS removal, Akrapovic exhaust system, air-box mod, free flow filter, rear seat cowl, slightly higher Renthal...
  3. N

    fz1n from Russia

    Hello. Here, with your permission, I will tell you a little about my motorcycle. Acquired in the Russian outback in fully factory form. I have installed: - screen ermax - LED Tail Lights(Motodynamic) - exhaust mivv suono - mirrors rizoma RADIAL - carbon lining on the radiator - carbon...
  4. bewarethefuzz

    aftermarket Wheels Gen 2

    Looking at options for upgrading the wheels on my trusty steed. A 10th birthday present for it maybe. If anyone has some forged or carbon wheels, let's talk. Thanks for your interest.
  5. Dustin

    Dunlop Q3+

    Dunlop has finally updated the Q3! From their website:
  6. ballmead

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover (Australia Only)

    MDI Carbon Fibre Instrument cover GenII (Australia Only) Hi all, I have a brand new, never fitted MDI carbon fibre instrument cover for sale. This is for a GenII FZ1. It's matt finish with plain twill It took months to turn up and they sent me the wrong finish.....arrgh!! I have decided to try...
  7. delbert

    spark plug colour

    Well I took the plugs out today for a clean etc and they looked as clean as the day they were fitted , no carbon/ soot .. I'm hoping this is a good sign
  8. Sactown2008

    Hesitation off idle when hot. Wants to Die

    Last Week: Stalling off idle is back. Dealer partially cleans my EFI (carbon buildup), turns up my idle and sells me Yamaha fuel cleaner. I put a measured amount in the next seven tanks. Hesitation off idle "gone." He tells me to ride the bike HARD once and awhile. After my 1200 mile trip to...
  9. F

    FS FZ1 Akrapovic Exhaust MINT - ATLANTA GA

    Carbon Fiber Akrapovic Exhaust for FZ1. Only 500 miles on it. MINT condition. All parts come with it. Nice tone. Not too loud but not quiet. Weights maybe 5 lbs. All Carbon Fiber. New is $800. I will take $350 plus shipping. I also have more pictures
  10. M

    Joining the fold!

    About a month ago, my buddy told me he had a motorcycle in his garage he no longer wanted. His exact words were "come by with a u-haul or something, and the bike is yours". Scooted down there with a borrowed pick up truck that same weekend, and saw this beautiful yet dusty fz1 and brought...
  11. B

    Scorpion Carbon Serket Exhaust

    Uk scorpion serket carbon exhaust Scorpion Serket Carbon Exhaust c/w bracket, removable baffle and link pipe for sale, excellent condition. £250 RMSD in the UK. Surplus to requirements. PM if interested.Was fitted to my 2010 model FZ1N
  12. PredatorFZ1

    Christmas gifts I finally installed

    Here are the mods that I got for Christmas from my wife. I finally got around to installing them. Let me know what you think. PSR AIS block off IVANS Sub throttle Plates PC5 PSR Carbon frame sliders PSR AIS block off LARS MOD/IVANS Sub throttle Plates PC5 PSR Carbon...
  13. D

    heat shield silncer lower

    Hello, I don't want the silencer I am looking for a used good condition silencer heat shield the lower front.Not a carbon fibre but the original thank you
  14. C

    What exhaust is this?

    Can somebody please name this exhaust. It was on my bike when I purchased it and I want to send my ECU to IVAN, however I want to be able to give him the most accurate information as possible. It is A carbon fiber body and the only markings on it are what is in the picture. Thanks in advance...
  15. 1

    Gen 2 aftermarket parts

    Copperdawg speedscreen with mirror blockoffs(cobalt blue) - on the bike for only two weeks - perfect condition - $200 shipped Heres a link to an image of the windscreen on the bike. SOLD - Carpimoto italian made oem style carbon fiber belly pan - on the...
  16. 1

    Gen 2 aftermarket parts

    *duplicate posting
  17. Devilsyam

    so fz1 number 2 finished

    flame away yes wheels will be changed for carbon and blue hoses also
  18. S

    Hello everyone, I bought it!

    Hello all, I just purchased an 08' FZ1 with 5k miles on it & from what I have read on here its the fastest color FZ1 - grey :jaw drop: I just wanted to introduce myself, I am not new to riding & have had several ZX10's & a ZX6r & a few supermoto's. The riding position on this is awesome...
  19. Cartoon Version of FZ1 Retro

    Cartoon Version of FZ1 Retro

    <p>I create custom art of pretty much anything.  I\'ve been doing more motorcycles, streetrods, and caricatures lately.  I usually barter for it.</p>
  20. dam_shadow


    Bike night in the sun.