Pacific Northwest Anyone?


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Eureka, CA . . . about 100 miles from the Oregon border . . . right on the ocean.
You live right in the promised land. Let me have 299, 36, 3, 96, and a few more a little farther away. I have a few good roads near me but not that many so close...I'm jealous.

I just got a great idea....Western FZ1 meet in Eureka :tup: How does that sound ??? I'd totally be up for that....


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I'm in Albany Or. Did anything ever come of this thread? Would like to get together with some fellow FZ1 riders, repost and lets ride.


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Would like to get together with some fellow FZ1 riders
Doing another trackday weekend at Oregon Raceway Park on the 28th and 29th with PSSR. My 2001 seemed to like the track. They will upate their website with this just added weekend in the next couple of days.

$375 for Saturday/Sunday package.

Hope to see you there!


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pdx here, just picked up a gen1 fz1 and will be riding as soon as the rain stops. hopefully a few trips to the beach this summer as well, if your still out there give a shout and we will do some riding!