FOR SALE: Yamaha FZ1 Fork Kit Traxxion dampers and RaceTech Springs USED.


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Grab yourself a bargin!!!!

For sale a full kit for your Yamaha FZ1 Gen2 06 to 10 years (may fit others) front forks, consisting of a pair of ATK 20 dampers, race tech fork springs and spacers.
The springs are 1.1 Kg (FRSP S3825110 part #) and the damper settings are shown in the photos.
Spacers a re 107 mm long.
I am a pretty heavy guy and I asked for fast road settings when I bought them. I fitted then myself, and you do need to have the tools and know your way round a set of forks to fit them. Any good bike shop should be able to do it for you for the cost of a fork rebuild. Once installed i found them a little harsh on the suggested settings, i had to back the preload off a little to get the sag and back off the compression and give it a little more damping but once dialed in it did transform the front end. I ran it for 30 K miles over 3 years and it was solid on the front at all times. I did a lot of commuting and quite a big of loaded touring which only required a small preload change to keep the front end how i liked it.(I had a Nitron shock in the rear end as well NOT FOR SALE)

People say suspension upgrades are a the best thing for your bike and i have to say you need to try it to find out. The front is often missed out on due to cost, so grab this opportunity to get a bargain and treat the front end of your FZ1.

I will ship anywhere in the world but only with FDX as the item is insured and the delivery is fast and signed for.

These kits are available new on the traxxion website for $999.95

350 GBP plus shipping. Third of the price of new.
That is the buy it now price on ebay. Its on auction there as well. (#264492282282)
Located in Europe (Belgium)


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