1. C

    FOR SALE: Yamaha FZ1 Fork Kit Traxxion dampers and RaceTech Springs USED.

    REDUCED TO 150GBP Grab yourself a bargin!!!! For sale a full kit for your Yamaha FZ1 Gen2 06 to 10 years (may fit others) front forks, consisting of a pair of ATK 20 dampers, race tech fork springs and spacers. The springs are 1.1 Kg (FRSP S3825110 part #) and the damper settings are shown...
  2. C

    FOR SALE: Yamaha FZ1 Fork Kit Traxxion dampers and RaceTech Springs USED.

    For sale a full kit for your Yamaha FZ1 06 to 10 years (may fit others) front forks, consisting of a pair of ATK 20 dampers, race tech fork springs and spacers. The springs are 1.1 Kg (FRSP S3825110 part #) and the damper settings are shown in the photos. Spacers a re 107 mm long. I am a pretty...
  3. J

    Need Gen II after market seat

    Looking for front and rear, thanks
  4. C

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 near Baltimore $3300 OBO

    Selling my 2006 Yamaha FZ1! $3300 I've had the bike since 2012 and it rides great! No crashes/damage, great power, great suspension! Front tire has probably 500 miles on it, rear is still in good shape. Mods: Yoshimura full exhaust system Frame sliders R6 front forks with calipers...
  5. I

    Looking For Lots Of 2013 FZ1 Parts

    Hi All, I am a new owner of a 2013 FZ1 that previously hit a deer going nearly 85 MPH. Needless to say, I need some parts... Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for new cheaper parts or good condition used parts. I am located in Canada but parts can be from...
  6. D


    Hi all, looking for some help. Has anyone replaced the front forks from an R1, if so, what model fits?
  7. smurfturd

    Front Axle spacing / Brake binding

    Hey guys, I have an '06 FZ1 that I recently pulled apart to service the front suspension. No issues there but when putting the wheels and brakes back on I discovered that the caliper was actually binding/contacting the rotor. After looking into it I found that the RH leg where the axle passes...
  8. B

    2008 FZ1S Front End Parts For Sale UK

    Hi all, First time poster, short term lurker.. Bought a 2008 FZ1S a short while ago and decided to build a scrambler/enduro type thing with it (not asking for opinions!)... Selling most of the front end parts, will remove them when/if sold. List as below, collection from Byfleet KT14, Box Hill...
  9. R

    Speedometer Reading Zero (New Speedo)

    I’m having problems getting my Speedometer to read anything but zero on my 2012 FZ1. The bike had been in a minor accident prior to me owning it. The front fairing was gone, but the speedo and faring mount was sound. The speedo works as should for everything else on it, including the tachometer...
  10. J

    GEN II Front fairing Complete

    Hi all, I decided to sell this very nice front fairing. It is complete with wind screen, blinkers, inner panels, head lights and mounting bracket. It's a 8.75 out of 10 fairing. I was going to use it but decided to go with a smaller street fighter style. Here is a link to the ebay listing...
  11. T

    Looking for a Gen 2 - Front Amber/Yellow Reflectors

    I am looking for the front Amber/Yellow Reflectors for the Gen 2 Fz1. If anyone has a couple kicking around and looking to donate, please let me know.
  12. ghetto_d

    R1 / FZ1 Wheels, Tires, etc. (OEM) Black

    PN: 5VY-25168-00-98, 5VY-25338-00-98 This set of wheels is off one of my 2007 R1. 400mi on wheels. Black. No stripes. Basically perfect; 1 small scuff on front lip. Matching tires (pilots) - front tire has 400mi, rear has 0mi – HOWEVER, they are getting older (the front is what was on it...
  13. ghetto_d

    2007 FZ1 front end parts for sale

    FIRST AND FOREMOST I’m brutally honest, and I’m anal about my toys. These are take-offs of one of my personal machines (due to upgrade, not wrecked part-out). 100% functional and extremely clean. I’m on FZOA, 998CC, R1-FORUM, local PNW forums (GHETTO_D), & EBAY (GHETTO_CRUIZER). So, check my...
  14. delbert

    Chain noise

    Hi Any one find their drive chain noisey ? Just replaced mine with sprockets and I think it seems to whine more than before ,, only explanation I can think of would be due to the amount of crud I removed from inside the front casing acting as a sound barrier.. Any other noisey chains out...
  15. J

    FS: 2010 FZ1 Red 23000 miles. Great Condition. South Central PA

    I bought this bike earlier this summer. It needed some work, but I have done the repairs and now it rides great. Work I completed: Replacing of all steel clutch plates New rear tire Coolant flush Needed front turn signals The bike had a few aftermarket parts on it which I removed and...
  16. F

    2G FZ1 Part Out

    Looks like I will be parting ways with my beloved FZ1 in favor of a '17 SuperDuke. It has been an incredible bike and I have loved it unlike any other, but alas it is the end of the run. I will take parts off to sell on here some are very new and others not so much. I will update with...
  17. Rx_FZ1

    2006/2008 FZ1 & R1 mods for sale!

    PARTS My 2006 FZ1 was totaled out by insurance. So I'm parting it out and selling all my Mods. All prices include shipping within the US. I can text, email, or PM pictures just ask. Lush Racing 30mm lowering link - 40.00 SOLD Adjustable kickstand - 30.00 SOLD 08 R1 Forks 250.00 SOLD...
  18. Rx_FZ1

    2006/2008 FZ1 & R1 mods for sale!

    Wrong thread. See classifieds Gen 2
  19. S

    Pile O Parts for Gen 1 for sale

    I have these parts (and maybe more) for Gen1 models Fuel tank with a small dent, otherwise perfect - silver Front fender - silver Tail section - silver Front fairing - Silver K&N filter - like new Contact me if interested and we can talk prices. I need these out of my shop...
  20. ferraiolo1

    Back in the saddle after a year

    So after selling my Gen1 last April to fund new house projects, and only riding my dirtbike all summer, I decided it was time to get another street bike. Just so happened my buddy wanted out of his payments on his Gen2. He bought the bike two years ago from the original owner who was a female...