CJ Moto vs. Motovation


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Recently I made a purchase from both of these websites. I ordered Rizoma products from both of them.

Everything I ordered from Motovation is in my living room.

My order from CJ moto hasn't been shipped yet.

That's all.


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I'm not familiar with CJ Moto, but Motovation is about two blocks from where I work. I can drop by, they have a nice little show room, and they stop what they are doing to ask what I need, very customer focused.


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I have used both and had no problems with either.
I bought my Arrow headers from MotovationUSA and bought some grips, bars from CJ Moto.
CJ Moto offers free International shipping so it's a bit of a bonus for us Aussies.


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So my package from CJ Moto arrived yesterday. Everything came great. I recommend them as a vendor however, not as fast as Motovation.

So for anyone contemplating using either I give both a good review. I would order from either again.
Thanks guys! We do our best. We recognize there are a few vendors out there that carry Rizoma, so we try to stand out with our customer service, and the fact that we are the largest stocking Rizoma dealer in the US.

Let us know if we can do anything to support the FZ1 community. After all...we ride naked too ;)

CJ Moto

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Thank you for the nice comments! I will try not to talk to much about our business on this forum, but just a little here. We build custom bikes and we sell most of the parts we use on projects. We are a small company and we spend a lot of time in the shop with dirty hands, so if you can't get us on the phone, please leave a message or shoot me an email. If there is anything we can help you with, advice, parts, whatever, or if you what to pass on advice about a part or project, please do not hesitate. I have posted a small album of a personal ride, an 02 FZ1 I have had for about two years. Great bike! Comfortable and fast.
I have been looking for a carbon hugger, without success. Our carbon suppliers do not make parts for 02 FZ1. Does anyone have a lead on where I could find one?


Thank you, NJFZ1,
Have you used any gbmoto carbon? Has anyone a recommendation on their quality?
I personally have not used them, but they look like better quality than some of the Chinese stuff. I doubt you'll find many people on here that have used them since they are UK based.


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Welcome to the site CJ and Tony that Hugger is sweet. Someone here should get it. I think it would look great on Wolftamers bike.