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  • Hey just bought an 06 FZ1 N that looks just like yours but in the metallic great/silver paint. I noticed you labeled it an FZ-1 Raven. Is the Raven a special model of the FZ1 or is it just part of its full name. Just a question that popped up looking through the forums here. I dunno if I have to go back to your homepage here to see the answer, but if you want my email is " [email protected] " and I know I cd an find it there. Just signed up with the forum today so still new to using it.
    That's what i wanted to hear ; ) thanks yb getting more and more anxious to test ride one of these! there's a brand newy and a second hand over where i can take a look at them hopefully second is 06 or later. Hope the baby and all goes well.
    Sure buddy. Love it on long trips. Rode 10 hours one day through canyon and farm roads. On this bike, don't know about a pillion - wife not been on this one. But highly recommend this model or later year! Power, torque, & sustained pleasure over many miles. Never gets old.
    Hi yb, thought id ask you a couple of questions if you dont mind seeing you have a 07 FZ how do you find it comfort wise on long trips, and have you had a pillion on bored did they like it?? thanks mate
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