Camp Pendleton Track Day Jan 14, 2012


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Any Marine Corps riders looking for a free track day?

Track day at MCBCP Jan 14th at the HOLF
Just recieved this email for this trackday thought id pass it on in case some didnt get it yet.
I'll def be there. Anyone else planning on it.
I personally would recommend more gear than the minimum required.

All persons requesting to attend need to email [email protected]
All riders must have a BRC at minimum to attend.
PPE specifics: a full face helmet, full fingered leather gloves and a motorcycle jacket
We will take the first 75 riders-all others are welcome to come as standbys.
0800 start for tech, riding starts at 0900-1500


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Yeah, they try and open up one of the air fields every few months to give us a chance to practice skills and the ability to learn your own bikes behavior in a safer environment. Passing the word is hard. So I try and let everywhere I stick around know. I don't know if they let civilians go but shooting an email won't hurt if you'd like to find out!