1. F

    Selling my FZ1

    Just putting out the feelers as to what realistically I should ask for my 2015 FZ1? It has less than 3000 miles on it, motor/exhaust all stock. Never been down, no dents or scratches. Adult owned (I'm 50). Add ons are Dirty road seats, Yamaha handlebar conversion kit, SW-motech 1" risers...
  2. loosenut

    2007 FZ1 lots of extras -$3500

    Well, I guess this is it. I'm finally selling my FZ1 prior to my move to South Carolina. The bike has 42K miles. Not babied and runs awesome. Located in San Jose, CA *Copper Dawg's blue body work and speed screen *Ivan's flashed ECU *cut air box *Power Commander 3 *Speedo DRD...
  3. Fizzerman

    Gen 1 6Sigma Jet Kit

    Hello FZ1(Gen 1) Riders: I was wondering if anyone has installed and dialed in the FZ1 6Sigma Jet Kit that I purchased on Amazon recently. I was wondering the optimum setting for a stock bike with just a Yosh can slip on? The instructions provided indicated 2 turns on the idle jet screw and...
  4. B

    Stock Exhaust vs Hindle Full System

    Hi folks.. Just picked up a 2006 FZ1 that came with a short Yoshimura slip on. The bike has the notorious fuel injection on/off glitch, and the slip on made it worse, causing the bike to run lean and backfire. I'm arranging to have the ECU flash done, but have to wait a bit. The bike came...
  5. N

    Revalving Stock FZ1 - Worth it?

    Long time lurker, I have a '08 FZ1 that's long overdue for fork maintenance. Have 53k miles on it, still runs really well. No fork leaks but it's time for a teardown. I have all the stock internals and will be going with a stiffer spring (Racetech 1.0kg). There are revalve options such as...
  6. T

    Stock Rear Shock Colors?

    Dear FZ1 Forum, I am new to this forum. So if I do not follow the correct mores, please forgive me. :bowdown: Recently I bought a very nice 2010 FZ1 with only 13.000km on the clock. It is a wonderful machine. I'm having trouble figuring out wether I have a stock rear shock spring or an...
  7. I

    2009 N conversion

    2009 FZ1. N conversion. 19800 miles. Powercommander. Big air kit. Renthal Fatbar. ART slip on muffler. Adjustable levers. Stock fairing included to convert back to stock. $4800/BO
  8. Bogie

    First Proper Tw0-Up Ride of the Year on the C!4

    Got out for a good 300 mile ride today on the C14. Tomorrow morning its out to the garage to swap out the stock headers for the Titanium R1 headers on the FZ10, :icon_beer:
  9. T

    Gen 2 - Can I put on a 180/55/17 instead of 190/50/17

    Can I put on a 180/55/17 instead of the stock 190/50/17 tire size on the 2009 FZ1? I am sure someone will be curious as to why I would want to do that. The reason is I am thinking of riding the Denali Highway in Alaska later this year, and want to put on Continental TK70/TK80 tires for the...
  10. CrazyBiker

    FS: Gen2 Mods Part Out

    Shad Topmaster Top Case rack - $100 NEW 2007-2012 R1 DP Sport HH+ Pads - $90 16T Gen1 FZ1 Sprocket in like new condition. $20 NEW Clutch and Throttle Cables - $50 Stock Screen - $25 eBay CNC...
  11. SPLATT

    Fatbar risers

    I'm looking to go to fatbars on my 1st gen and was wondering what everyone is using. Right now I have stock risers that have been flipped around with a set of mini bend MX bars that are good everywhere except width. I'm looking for a set of risers that can be offset to either the front or rear...
  12. J

    FS: 2010 FZ1 Red 23000 miles. Great Condition. South Central PA

    I bought this bike earlier this summer. It needed some work, but I have done the repairs and now it rides great. Work I completed: Replacing of all steel clutch plates New rear tire Coolant flush Needed front turn signals The bike had a few aftermarket parts on it which I removed and...
  13. J

    2010 FZ1 Red. 23,000 miles. Great Condition. South Central PA

    I have a 2010 FZ1 that I bought earlier this summer. It needed some work when I bought it and had a couple of aftermarket components that I took off and put on my '09. Replaced with stock components. Work I did: New steel clutch plates New rear tire New front turn signals Oil Change...
  14. R

    LED tail/brake light bulb review

    So I bought a pair off ebay, they were $15, I should have looked to see if you could get singles but I was in a rush. My son and I switched the bulbs back and forth 2X to best determine which one was brighter. The LED is definitely brighter but only by 15% for the brake light and maybe 20%+...
  15. I

    WTB - Gen 2 stock air box

    Anyone have a stock air box they are willing to spare? Specifically I am only looking for the lower portion.
  16. Y

    2002 Black FZ1 in Middle TN

  17. B

    Looking for stock Gen 2 solid black muffler

    Found on here and purchased.
  18. B

    WTB Gen 2 Stock Mirrors

    Found Found and purchased.
  19. ferraiolo1

    Back in the saddle after a year

    So after selling my Gen1 last April to fund new house projects, and only riding my dirtbike all summer, I decided it was time to get another street bike. Just so happened my buddy wanted out of his payments on his Gen2. He bought the bike two years ago from the original owner who was a female...
  20. C

    Handle bar stock risers

    Hey Guys, I'm looking out for stock / OEM handlebar risers for my Gen2 FZ1. Do let me know if anyone has one....! My email: [email protected] Thanks in advance, Aditya