Gen 2 - Can I put on a 180/55/17 instead of 190/50/17


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Can I put on a 180/55/17 instead of the stock 190/50/17 tire size on the 2009 FZ1?

I am sure someone will be curious as to why I would want to do that. The reason is I am thinking of riding the Denali Highway in Alaska later this year, and want to put on Continental TK70/TK80 tires for the Vancouver to Alaska and back. I would go back to stock 190 after the road trip.
Also, I have not found any 190 tire with that type of gravel road capability. If you guys know of a 190 tire that is a bit more knobby, please let me know.



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My gen2 2009 had a 180/55 zr17 on when I purchased her. No issues handling wise. Going to try a pair of Angel ST 120/70 zr17 front & 190/50 zr17 rear next.