1. J

    Need Gen II after market seat

    Looking for front and rear, thanks
  2. A

    luggage suggestions

    Hi all, I'm picking up a Gen II a few states away and riding it home. I'll be on the bike for close to a week, so I need to set it up with some luggage. Ideally, I'd like to get a rear rack that I can strap a dry bag to, and then set up some soft saddlebags. My questions are these: 1...
  3. F

    FZ1 Gen II Sargent seat set

    Excellent condition Sargent seat set for Gen II bike. $250+shipping
  4. timalstonART

    Will a Gen 1 seat fit on a Gen 2 bike?

    I have a 2008 FZ1N and I'm wondering if the 1st Gen, 1 piece seat will fit. Any clues, anybody?
  5. Biker88

    WTB...Gen 2 Comfort Seat.

    Looking to buy a yamaha Comfort Seat or something similar for my '15 Fz1
  6. Biker88

    Touring Shield..gen 2

    Looking for better wind protection for the winter time...lmk what you have..
  7. P

    Zero gravity sport touring windshield - $50

    Dark smoke, and perfect. Fits the Gen 1 Fazers (2001 - 2005). $50
  8. T

    Looking for a Gen 2 - Front Amber/Yellow Reflectors

    I am looking for the front Amber/Yellow Reflectors for the Gen 2 Fz1. If anyone has a couple kicking around and looking to donate, please let me know.
  9. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Radiator

    Looking for a Gen 1 Radiator.
  10. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Fuel Tank

    Looking for a Gen 1 Fuel Tank - Any Color is fine.
  11. N

    WTB: Damaged Gen 2 Parts

    looking for damaged Gen 2 parts that are still in useable condition. If it will bolt up I will use it. Fairings, engine covers, forks, wheels, handlebars(can be bent), muffler, rear subframe, seat, etc....Scratches are ok.....perfection not necessary! Let me know what you have!
  12. B

    Gen 1 or Gen 2

    Thinking about getting a FZ1 for a around town and short ride bike. I have a Harley for traveling. is the carb. bikes pretty dependable as far as having trouble with the carbs, or would I be better off getting a fuel injected bike. Thanks for the advice in advance...............
  13. B

    Looking for stock Gen 2 solid black muffler

    Found on here and purchased.
  14. 5

    Looking for a 2nd gen windscreen

    So, I screwed up my OEM screen and want something shorter than my touring screen for summer. Looking for an OEM or like size clear, smoke or light smoke windscreen for a second gen. Price: <$50 depending on condition Location: Just outside Austin, Tx Thanks CK
  15. B

    WTB Gen 2 Stock Mirrors

    Found Found and purchased.
  16. Stefman7222

    WTB: Gen 1 lower chin spoiler / belly pan

    Hey, Looking for a good condition 1st gen chin spoiler / belly pan with full mounting hardware. Would prefer black or unpainted but any colour will do. Let me know what you have! Thanks.

    Gen II Ohlins rear shock problem

    G'Day, So I bought a used Ohlins shock from FleaBay for a reasonable price. It was listed as an YA628 for on '06 FZ1. Apparently came from a race bike. I doubled checked with seller about compatibility & condition etc. So I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to fit it. The piggyback...
  18. Klurejr

    Gen 1 Grip Size

    I am looking to get this for my Gen 1: How do I measure the Grip Size to know if it is 7/8 or 1 inch? Is it based on the size of my current grips or the size of the Handlebar underneath?
  19. Klurejr

    FJ09 vs Super Tenere vs FZ1?

    This is all speculation. But now that it has been a few years of owning my current 03 FZ1, I am starting to think I want something different to commute on. I do like my bike and it runs great, but I am debating if I should start buying upgrades for it, or consider a new bike altogether. I love...
  20. J

    2nd Gen Radiator Fan

    Does anyone have a 2nd gen radiator fan for sale? One of mine is making odd noises. Thanks! James