What rpm's do you ride in?


Top gear 4k RPM is 60 MPH. Not that I don't use the upper ranges for the twisties and racing, unless you normally cruise and 100, why would you normally use 6-7k?
Even with 16/47 I rarely find myself using 6th gear. The bike seems happier in the higher rpm range, it sounds better, performs phenomenally and shifts more smoothly there.
Its rare for me not to see triple digits when on the FZ1. Not saying I ride there all the time but I like the way the bike feels and performs in the higher revs. Also my gearing changes the equation, :) I get there even faster! Yet i still rarely use 6th. Its not for everyone, as i learned from this thread.


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When cruising I'm generally around the 4k mark.
When in the twisties I am anywhere from 4k to redline, depending upon my mood at the time.

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When I am riding aggressively I like to keep the RPMs above 5K, but post flash, the bike pulls nicely from as low as 3K if I am in the correct gear. When riding 2-up or sedately, I may never get above 5K.

It is most fun and sounds the best when you can run it from 8-12K.


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Keeping the alternator spinning

I used to keep the RPM's as low as possible but I found my battery going flat so now I try and keep a minimum 3k ( so a gear or too lower than before) as this seems to generate enough elec-trickery to run the lights and charge the battery simultaneously.

And on the motorway it rises to about 6k which is 70mph in 6th.... honest guv. Not an RPM higher.