Throttle tube spacer issue (Sticky throttle)


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Hi guys was lubing throttle cables as part of normal maintenance after putting things back together the throttle felt stiffer than it did before also also a little sticky.

After taking it apart numerous times I noticed this washer on the inner edge of the throttle tube near the cam, you can see it in this image

Does anyone know if this is suppose to so on the inside of the aluminum cable housing or the outside? It felt stiff either way but I didn't have time to mess with it and can't see anything in the manual on its positioning.

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I asked myself the same question the first time I lubricated these parts.
It goes on the outside.

If you still feel the throttle hard to operate, take a look at the cables at the throttle body.
A few years back ,my cable had 2 wires left.


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Thanks guys, found the issue. I tried pulling the plastic ends off the cable which goes into the housing to lube the cables easier and didn't seat them all the way back in after failing to take them off all the way. Pushing them all the way back in has made the throttle smoother again, I was wondering why the throttle slack disappeared when I reassembled the first time.