Stator/RR/Charging problems


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I've searched the forums about problem im having. But i have an 06 FZ1. Don't know alot about bikes. But i have a new stator, new rectifier, new battery. So i was wondering why when i AC test the stator i get nothing for a reading. I've had 2 brand new stators do the same thing. My hb has no magnets in it. Not sure if its supposed to. But the inside of the hub is smooth all the way around it. No slots nothing.
Could it be not rotating or i have no clue. Thanks in advance for the help


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Hi, ok so you say your hb by that I presume you mean your rotor. It is supposed to have magnets in it but the question is do you have the old style rotor or the new updated one. If it’s the old style then you have a serious problem as to where the magnets are now, possibly in and around your engine, sump etc. I unfortunately have experienced the failure and repaired it. So I will attach a picture of the new rotor installed and the failed one so you can decide which you have. If you look at the new one there is a lip around the inside edge that is the covering the magnets which lay between the outer and inner case if this inner case is not present then you have the old one and you need to replace the rotor and search for said missing magnets. Boooooo. If you have the new one a bit of multimeter testing is in order. As you might of guessed the the old one is the one with the mashed up magnets inside it. With the stator off and still attached to the cover, You can place the rotor over the stator Put a meter set to 20v on the contact points in the plug and spin the rotor around the stator and see if you get any sort of readout of voltage meaning it’s working. Hopefully all that makes sense for you. Good luck.