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Looking for members from the Seattle-Tacoma area.

We have such great touring roads in Western WA. I'm considering a loop this weekend from Monroe onto 92> 530> 20> ?> 2.

If interested, let me know.:sport12:


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I know this thread is old but if you ever head towards Spokane let me know I'll meet you some where.

jared p

Here in Renton, hit me up if you guys want to ride.
i think we have near a dozen or so seattleites at least, we'll snag dustin from bc and a have a nice ol ride to the eastern side or something to hit up the few that are over there as well


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olympic penn here. you all wanna meet up? we can do the loop an check out the ridge raceway in shelton to. im game fellas! if ya can keep up with leo smoken blazeman! lol be cool to set something up. me an couple guys do a sasuage run our wifes call it in the summer to. this year all four cornors of wa. invite out ! piece!!!!:cheers:


I'm north of the border in Canaduh and I ride down in wonderful WA all the time. I was just riding the Olympic Peninsula a few days ago :)