Hi I’m new got a lovely Fz1 2005 ignition switch is bad I have to wiggle the key like crazy to get it to go on, I’m trying to source a new one OEM will be fine any help
That was one of the first things i learned when i got my 05 on fz1oa. I got this lube that smells like bananas from the local locksmith, but there are versions specifically made for ign switches. Personally id try and lube it up so you dont have to pony up for 3 lock cylinders.
I don't remember the banana smelling lock lube, I do remember owners dousing ignition switches with WD-40 with success, but that was typically electrical continuity issues as opposed to bad fit between key and tumblers. If the OP has a spare key that might be worth a try or possibly have a new one made.
I've used TriFlow for decades and never recall that it smelled like bananas.
My '03 had similar issues. Few sprays of TriFlow and it works as it should, even now 2+ years later.
Perahps you can find WD-40 or similar lube in the UK ? I know WD-40 sponsored a BSB team for some years and remember watching the fire on Taylor MacKenzies bike years ago.
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I posted my preference on jet kits in your Jet Kits thread.

Why do it?
The factory FZ1 carb set up is lean at the bottom and rich at the top. The jet kits balance that situation out.
With the kit, the low-end power comes on MUCH stronger and smoother, and the top end smooths out. With the corrected fuel / air mixture, You should see improved fuel economy AND better power delivery. I remember the serious eye-opening difference as soon as I let the clutch out on my first ride after the kit. I was loving it immediately... I never expected that dramatic of a difference.

As for the switch, mine started to jam slightly and I just added a quick shot of WD40 in the key mechanism, turned the key back and forth, and then shot it again, turned back and forth. it seemed to free things up nicely.
Thanks that’s what I’ve been after some information, I saw someone do it on YouTube, is the drilling of the two holes in front of the butterfly valves easily to do, is there any issues i should look out for?
I would leave that question for somebody else. My concern was that if you go too far on the drilling, its new carbs, so I went the safe route with the holeshot. No drilling on carb bodies with the holeshot kit.
It looks simple, but you don't want to mess it up.