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Hello my name is Brian and I am a bike-a-holic.

So a year and a half ago I bought an FZ to get back into riding after a long hiatus and test the waters to see how I still feel about it after growing up with it from a very young age. I didn't spend much on the bike initially but have (laughably) probably doubled that investment fixing/improving/obsessing over my new toy to make it as good as it can be for me. Now that I realize that I'm hooked (again) and will likely continue to be a rider until I'm no longer physically or mentally able, I'm thinking long term towards the future. This bike puts a smile on my face every single time I ride it. It is ridiculously fast, handles better than anything I've ever had before, looks great, is reasonably comfortable, and best of all is of course paid for and cheap to insure. So why am I jonesing for a newer shinier more high tech ride? My "dream" bike is a SuperDuke GT. It's a bit like the FZ but with a crazy torque monster of a mill, and a full modern tech package to match. Please tell me why I shouldn't waste a bunch of $$$! Thank you for your insight. :)
Hi, Brian!

The big negatives for me would be all that "tech" (I'm an analog guy), their rep for occasional iffy reliability, and if you do your own maintenance, they can be a bit of a pain. Of course, I'd also say that a chance to own your dream bike might make those issues seem very minor! Yeah, go for it!
For a guy who couldn't talk about new tech last week, you didn't hold out for very long.

Buy what makes you happy. Never driven a 1290, but I did sit on one and it felt too tall for my 30 inseam.
Well I did read that the 1290's torque goes through quality tires in about 3K miles if that helps. I ride a lot and that would put a major dent in the wallet. I have an extra set of wheels that I always have fresh rubber on, so I can drop off a set and not be concerned if the tire changer guy takes a week to turn them around. If I only had one set of wheels and was going through that every 3K miles I'd snap.

Other than that most owners seem happy and not concerned about operating cost.

Have you ridden one? Probably wouldn't help you resist your urges.
Tires every 3K, sounds like people are having a good time playing with all that torque! I probably should go test ride one, although maybe on second thought I shouldn't... I'm sure the performance is great but I do wonder how smooth they are. The FZ is a little "buzzy" at certain RPMs. Wondering how the big twin feels in that regard.
Yeah, but then we wouldn't get to live vicariously through you and your beautiful new beast!

But, nothing wrong with being responsible either... 👍

Eh, the kids don't need Christmas presents this year. Or next. Or....

A BEAST would be fun. The Tuono is pretty damn sexy too. Perhaps a test ride or two are in order. Or maybe I should just shut up and ride my incredible FZ! ;)
Okay, okay... you got me with "the kids". Be a responsible (and loving) parent! Just make sure you remind them of all the sacrifices you made for them when they get older! 😄
My 2 cents. I started riding in 86 and hung it up in the mid 90's as i got into other hobbies. They ran their course and 5 years ago i realized i should get back into bikes as my spine is all screwed up and will some day prevent me from riding (fused neck issues and 5 dry discs in lower back). I started by getting bikes ive always lusted after, incuding a 05 liquid silver fz1. Ive had it 4 years now and last month got really interested in a new mt10 sp and started doing some investigating. I think i would be very uncomfortable on a bike thats ruled by electronics. I know exactly what all my old carbed bikes will do 100% of the time. Same as the conventional brakes. I dont want anything overriding what i want my machine to do. Maintenance is also key, kiss theory applies to gen1 fz1's. Parts availability is starting to become a issue though. Im almost ready to buy a spare bike just for parts. Cause im never selling it.
But but but but, it's a Duke, super hooligan! Ok the FZ is kind of a hooli too if you spin it up into its happy zone. I really need to take the plastic apart and add some foam tape to insulate and quiet some of the buzziness. That does bother me but it's a nit for sure. Otherwise the FZ is a great ride and a hoot for sure. Paid for is nice too, without a $20K hole in my savings account!
I did see that... Hmmm... wonder when the GT will get the extra CCs. I do think the GT fits my long term goals better than the naked EVO R. All I want is a 400 lb GT with a decent little fairing, a place to mount some bags, and 200hp. Oh and maybe a crap ton of torque. Is that too much to ask?

Oops, one more thing. It can't sound like an angry sewing machine. Ok, good talk.
Nothing's cheap with ktm's.

That is a huge plus to sticking with Japanese bikes that I often forget, i.e. how cheap parts are compared to other brands. I owned a couple of Triumphs (very briefly) and could not get over the cost of just their bolts. I imagine KTM/BMW/Ducati prices are beyond ridiculous...