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Even if you have only 200 calories worth of cinnamon bun, the toll it takes on your body is more than the mere numbers will lead you to believe. 200 calories of leafy greens have a completely different effect on your body.
A VERY good point to make Dustin. Quality of the calories is more important than the quantity. :tup:

I cannot become a vegan though.... As long as chicken & pigs aren't extinct, I'm all about seared flesh. ;) I DO love my veggies though, especially raw or steamed fresh!


To be honest, I don't even care about animal rights. I just wanted to give it a go and try something new that I knew nothing about but was always curious to try. I really enjoy eating vegan and it opened up a lot of new foods I've never tried before. I don't feel that I'm missing out on anything. Same goes for wheat/gluten. I undid a lifetime of eating wheat and don't miss it one bit. Not bread, not pizza, not cereal, not nothing
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My Heaviest = 379
Lowest in 5 years = 237
Current weight = 237
Target weight = 180-185
Target date = 05/2014
How I weighed in = Once a week every Monday after bathroom break, before food/drink.

I am not killing myself in the gym at all. My job is fairly physically demanding at times so really I am just adding in walking at this point. I walk 2 miles every morning except Sunday. It's a very brisk pace but not jogging. I am planning on adding a weight routine soon to add to my strength and once I get another 40lbs or so off I will bring the walk up to a jog. My knees have been crap all my life so I want to get a few more pounds off before I start the jogging to help them out.

This is the basics of my eating schedule. I say eating schedule instead of diet because the word diet means going without to most people and I really am not going without food. I am just changing the quality, quantity and frequency of my meals. The foods that you use for this eating schedule are your choices; just make sure you are cutting back on fats and sugars while keeping up on proteins. Foods with good fiber content are always a good choice as well.

I break my meals into two hour windows while eating smaller amounts. This accomplishes a few different things. First by eating smaller more frequent meals I keep my metabolism going throughout the day and stop the dips that are created by the traditional 3 square meals that most people eat. By eating more frequently, the smaller size portions won’t leave you feeling hungry in-between meals. This is usually the sensation that gets all of us to snack on unhealthy quick access foods or to binge at each meal. Your stomach will reduce in size to compensate for the smaller sized meals also aiding in eliminating the hunger cravings. Another suggestion is to eat slower when eating your meals. This helps your stomach realize it is full at a similar rate to which you are eating the food and keeps you from being tempted to over eat. Another plus of eating slower is your meal takes longer and you actually don’t end up having to wait a full 2 hours till your next meal.
Some people go the route of reducing your intake but still going with the longer gaps of time between meals. This is actually being detrimental to you achieving your goals. When you just reduce your intake alone the body thinks it is being deprived and will go into survival mode. This causes your metabolism to slow down and your body to store what it eats as fat instead of processing it. This is where the smaller more frequent meals assist in keeping this from happening. While you are reducing your overall intake for the day, by eating more frequently your body never feels like it is being deprived. So it is not insane to say, “You have to eat to lose weight”.
This is a basic overview of a day of eating for me. Now keep in mind this is based on my daily schedule and you can adjust the two hour windows to meet your needs. The foods are what I have chosen. You can substitute whatever healthy foods you choose staying within the “Low Fat, Low Sugar and Higher Protein Intake” guidelines.

5 AM – Morning Walk

6 AM - I have my first meal of the day which is usually one packet if instant oatmeal and a small glass of skim milk. At this time I also take a multi-vitamin. Sometimes I eat a small bowl of Raisin Bran Cereal.

8 AM - I have a 16oz protein shake. (Mixed with skim milk and chocolate whey protein powder) and I have one of my Sunsweet individual wrapped prunes.

10 AM - I have half a sliced apple and a cheddar/mozzarella twist cheese stick.

12 PM - I eat half of a sandwich made of whole wheat bread, lightly spread with I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and low fat luncheon meats. (I usually use ham and turkey breast combo – two slices of each) and ½ of a small single serving can of pork & beans. It is the small cans with the pop top.

2 PM - I eat the other half of the sandwich I made and the other ½ of a small single serving can of pork & beans.

4 PM – I have the second half a sliced apple and a cheddar/mozzarella twist cheese stick.

6 PM – I cook a healthy dinner with a small serving of a lean meat (Chicken Breast, Fish, Turkey Breast, Lean Pork, Etc. ) along with fresh or frozen veggies and a small glass of skim milk. Remember this is also a smaller meal so save left over food for another small meal or meals.

8 PM – I have a 3rd 16oz protein shake. (Mixed with skim milk and chocolate whey protein powder)


Good sleep is very important to losing weight as well. Your body does all its recovering and lean muscle rebuilding at night when you sleep. This is also the reason for the protein drink an hour or so before bed time. This gives your body the needed protein for building that muscle at night.

I also drink plenty of water during the day. I start with the 16oz bottle of water when I get up, then I start drinking a 2nd one on the way to work and then I take 4 more bottles in my cooler with me to work. I then drink two more or so at home in the evening. Drinking plenty of water is very important. Your body will go into survival mode and start retaining it as well if you do not drink enough.

I have roughly figured up this plan to put me at around 1400-1600 calories for the entire day all while keeping my fat grams low and giving my body the protein it needs to build that muscle. I am not starving myself, I am not depriving myself and my body never feels like it either. I do not experience the cravings like I used to in the past.

One thing that I believe is a good thing for people to do is give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the week. Make Sunday your reward day for your hard work. If you want to have a SMALL cheeseburger or a SLICE of Pizza on that day for one of your small meals then go for it. Just remember to keep it to ONE of your meals on that day and maintain the smaller portion size.

Now I know this isn’t easy to do at first but it does get easier and becomes second nature to you after a while. It truly is a lifestyle change. Don’t worry or get frustrated if you have set backs or slips, don’t give up. Accept it, learn from it and continue on with your plan. Those bumps in the road will happen but keep driving forward and the road will smooth out.
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Thanks for the My Fitness Pal App. I downloaded and started tracking yesterday. I'm in an office environment so mostly sititing and easy to overeat. At least this will help me start feeling accountable!


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Thanks for the My Fitness Pal App. I downloaded and started tracking yesterday. I'm in an office environment so mostly sititing and easy to overeat. At least this will help me start feeling accountable!
It worked great for me, good luck with it.

Also, I still use it today, really helps me keep track and on top of what I actually eat


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What agreat topic.Ever since I quit smoking 4 years ago I am currently about 35-40 lbs heavier than 4 years ago.In addition I have also had heart related health issues,My weight was around 225 at the highest.I have trouble sticking with an exercise regimen but started up again by walking 1 mile or doing the treadmill 1 mile in the evenings.I would also like to add a regimen to strengthen and tone but have no idea where to start.I want to get back down to about 180.I recently have tried using Chia seeds as they help curb appetite also always conscious of sodium intake. Today I had oatmeal,a slice of chicken meatloaf,some trail mix and a salad and lots of water


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Fattest- 132kg April 2008
Lowest in 5 years 92kg February 2009 (I got stabbed and lost heaps of weight in hospital)
Current- 107kg
Goal/date- 90kg/June 2014

My doctor reckons I should be 83-85kg, I'm 6'4 mind you. I haven't been that light since I was 19-20.

What worked-
lower portion sizes, zero alcohol and swimming
What didn't- everything has at least some effect, my lifestyle habits are so bad at the moment that anything is an improvement

Why it's taken so long-
due to the stabbing my stomach is really weak and susceptible to hernias (6 in 3 years) therefore I haven't managed to work out as hard as I'd like because physically I can't handle the same as years ago. I'm also single and work nights which kills the motivation to cook decent meals and precludes me from eating breakfast (asleep). I also have a serious love/hate relationship with energy drinks.
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started on 9/12/12 at 241
added daily walking or cycling to my two heavy workouts a week
lost 32 lbs in a year
gained 10 back since Halloween
I turn 60 in January, so "back on" it to drop 20 more.
Just started back walking 30-45 minutes per day.

I have lifted weights for 47 years, so no more goofing off with missed workouts and any products with refined sugar or wheat flour.

I have a bad back, so plan on getting down to 195 at 6'2"


Wow, LOTS of amazing transformations and great pictures in here! I guess when I saw this thread yesterday I didn't make it past page one.

Hats of to all of you guys!


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Even with shoulder surgery and be laid up for a bit I am still maintaining with the diet changes. Released to get on treadmill again and will be allowed to do some light weights in a few weeks.

Down to 228 lbs for a total of 151 lost so far. :sinister:


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So I'm on Day 8 of the HCG diet.

For those of you that don't know it's a Very Low Calorie Diet VLCD. Basically a protein and veggie serving 2 times per day and a protein shake for the other meal. HCG injections are daily. The theory is when deprived of dietary fat, then the body has to pull from some where. Women when pregnant the HCG will signal the fat cells to release stored fat. So when using the hcg it tricks the fat cells to give up the stored fat. Secondary benefit as a man is the HCG stimulates the testes to make more testosterone (also produce semen, and the combo has me feeling like I'm in my 20s, again, boobs!!! everywhere!!!!)

I've dropped 8 pounds in 8 days. And intend to stick it out for a full 40 days (puts it right up to Valentine's Day). I would like to get under 210 if at all possible. Some people tell me not to go that far at 6'4" because I'll look too skinny.

As of the last couple days after the initial weight drop I feel a lot lighter on the bike, steering seems more agile. I'll update when I'm done and get back on to a healthy eating routine.


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I started journaling, cycling and walking 18 months ago on 8/12/12. I lost 30 lbs in a year(209). I have lifted heavy for 48 years(and the bad back to go with it).

I have gained 12 back since Thanksgiving(not journaling or walking), so I am back at it this month(turned 60 on 1/3/14). I am 6'1" at 222, but working to get down to 198.

I may go back to cycling to work. That was ten 35 minute fast rides five days a week. This REALLY helps me keep the weight off, but my favorite is still lifting weights twice a week(H.I.T=High Intensity Training). I grew up in a family of Lifters, so it is my Drug of Choice.



Which one of you sorry sacks dropped off 6 lbs on me? :disapproval: Thanks a lot! Now I have to double my efforts!

Lost the battle over the holidays. :rant: Couple that with being sick with cold after cold leaving me unmotivated to physically move.... back up to 224 and hating it. Time to step it up! :sinister:


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I had gotton as low as 192 in the buff, but with the holiday's (lots of baked goods in the office and home), and recently having a minor procedure on two abscess found in my armpit my ability to exercise has dropped to zero, so I am back up around 199.... I really want to get back down to 190, gonna have to step it up seeing everyone else's progress.

FYI - be very careful when looking to change deodorant, I think that was the cause of the two Abscess that formed in my armpit, it is not a fun healing process.


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I cannot even remember the last time I got on a scale, probably should do. My greatest challenge is that I sit most of the day working on computer issues. I bet a lot of other people have the same problem.