Gen 1 fairing mod.


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New here. I recently purchased a 2005 in pretty rough shape. Main mod/repair involves the fairing. It was cracked or broken at both turn indicator mounts and rear frame mounts. The windshield was busted.
I have never been a fan of the FZ 1 fairing which is too small and too far forward to be of much windblocking value on a bike with it's riding posture requirements. What were they thinking?
This was my solution for all those problems.

I cut away the fairing's rear cracked mounting points, cracked indicator mounting holes, and rear frame mounting tabs.
Moved the mirrors from fairing to bars,
I filled the leftover holes by epoxying on an aluminum sheet backer, epoxied a piece of plastic(crap I cut from the fairing) to mostly fill the hole and smoothed things over with a smidge of bodo before a respray. Respray was necessary anyway as some previous owner had attempted broad touch up work with a brush, I kid you not.
I fabricated simple indicator mounts from 1/8 in. angle aluminum and fastened them to the ends of the radiator where I had previously happily removed the garish plastic covers.
Moved the horn from the forks to the main frame to take what weight I could off the forks.
I put aside the old heavy steel fairing subframe.

I Fabricated a new lightweight subframe using pop riveting, aluminum angle and sheet to bolt to the fork at both the upper and lower triple clamps. The fairing was then attached to the new subframe on the stock rubber isolation tabs.
Fabricated a new aluminum instrument mount that retained the rubber isolation bushings and attached it to the new fairing subframe.
Purchased and installed a Zero Gravity windscreen .
This allowed the fairing to be pulled in about 4 inches inches closer to the rider and 4 inches higher. In combination with Z.G. screen this allows much better turbulence free wind blocking.
Mostly due to the headlight assemblies, Its likely a bit heavier than your typical fork mounted cafe type fairing but lighter than the frame mount arrangement . Its more effective than either and has not created any handling or crosswind stability problems. The gravy on the whole deal is that it saved me a couple hundred by not having to replace the stock shell.

How it looks now is subjective but I think the way the original fairing hung low down off front looked awkward, so detached it looked as though it was falling off.

Does anyone agree/disagree that the Z looks better without the fussy plastic radiator end caps and that seemingly worthless aluminum casting ahead the swing arm?

and as purchased 3 months ago.
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I'd love to see more pics of the workings. Had a little get off on mine and have been thinking about fairing mods since then.


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I really should have included those in the first place. Taking off the plastic to reveal the frame is not so tough. I'll try to get something posted soon.


I'd love to see more pics of the workings. Had a little get off on mine and have been thinking about fairing mods since then.
Patrice!!! How the heck are ya!!! Are you still riding and FZ? I hope you are still flying your drones as well. So happy to see your post! Happy New Year to you and your family!