Dunlop Roadsmart III


There's a new Roadsmart out!

Dunlop Motorcycle - Tyres RoadSmart III

I haven't seen anything about them in North America but they appear to be on sale in Australia and the UK

New Dunlop RoadSmart III in stores now |

Superior ride comfort has been achieved by the introduction of the Slim High Bead Apex-2 along with the HES-JLB (joint-less construction), which combine to help the tyre absorb bumps, while the Camber thrust Tuning Technology (C.T.T), combined with new pattern design, construction and profile increases the handling performance.

These same features result in a ride quality that reduces rider fatigue!The MT3 (multi-compound technology) results in a high wearing centre compound developed with abrasion-resistant high-molecular weight polymer to not only increases the tyre life, but also significantly improve the wet grip as well as low temperature grip, while the shoulder compound is comprised of a grip focused microparticulate silica compound designed to achieve superior corner grip.

The result is up to a 44% increase in mileage compared to the previous product that retains excellent corner grip!Wet grip is further enhanced by the cross groove tread patterns that significantly increase the level of drainage as well as ensuring a firm contact with the road.

The Dunlop Sportmax RoadSmart III is set to redefine the sports touring market.
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I did have bad luck with a rear tire defect but have been otherwise pretty happy with the RS II and would consider the new RS III. Dunlop was also very responsive and handled my issue perfectly. My main complaint with the current model is slow warm up times, giving a lack of grip & feedback in cold weather. It looks like they've tried to improve that with the new model.

Mac fz1n

I'm booked in to get a RSIII on Monday, just a rear as I have a SportSmart on the front.
I'll let you know how it feels.

I got 10,000 klm out of the old RSII, so I'm keen to see how the III holds up.

I ride 6 days a week in all weather.



Review in German

Mac fz1n

So Mac, do you have a review for us? :)
I do, sorry it's taken so long.

I have approx. 3000 km on the RSIII rear (I have a sportsmart front).
I am very happy with it so far, the grip is excellent from cold and it doesn't take long to heat up.

I have mostly ridden to/from work, with a couple of weekend rides in the mountains.

The RSIII seems to be handling the extra heat better than the RSII did!
On my Saturday morning ride I used to do a fair bit of damage when the tire got really hot, so far this isn't happening.

Also, I have dragged my boot a few times on corners I didn't before. I guess my confidence with the grip is better.
I like the tire profile, I have a 5mm chicken strip even though I scrap pegs...

I have ridden on wet roads, but not in heavy rain yet.
Grip felt good.

Hard to comment on the mileage, looking good so far.



Lazy Libran

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That pic looks good ....

I've been hearing positive reviews as well so might put these at #1 in the Top 3 list.

I'm running PR4's at the moment and after 15K Kms, they're on the way out ..
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I have been very happy with my RS II and I would most definitely put the III on my top 3 list as well. Really, I'd probably be split between the T30 Evo and the RS III as the Michelin, Pirelli and Metzeler alternatives are a lot more expensive.