Continental motion tire combo


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Micheline pilot road 4, The best or nothing at all, there is not price on safety, micheline makes the best tires in the world period.:bowdown:


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Don't Ride in the Rain

I take the car if I thinks its going to rain, but at 2k on these Motions I have no complaints.

My Chicken Strips are not as narrow as I would like them to be, but I still don't have the nerves(skill?) to lay this bike low in the twisties.

Hoping I can learn to turn fast before I wear out the centers.


Hoping I can learn to turn fast before I wear out the centers.
You will! It comes in time. It's all about building confidence that you can go faster and learn further and the bike will stick no problem. Our instincts are our own worst enemies :D

I'm faster and smoother than I was just a year ago. The same is said for the year before that and the year before that. There's still tons and tons of room for improvement, though. That's part of the fun, I think


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I have been running my Conti Motions for 2500 miles or so and have had no complaints in dry weather. The rain and cold has come and I have zero confidence and feel from these. I'm very unhappy with their performance and suspect they will continue to get worse as temperatures drop. I ride in the rain a lot and have never experienced this from a brand new tire

I've never run a tire that I've wanted to get rid of before; it's quite a surprise! I've ordered Pilot Road 3s and taking this as an 'I told you so' moment from all the people who told me to get them in the first place.
Tough about you on my ride back home yesterday. I killed my S20 in 3500 miles so since the C/M were good to me on the FZ6R I decide to give them a shot on the FZ09. On dry for the type of riding I do in Florida, it's all good. No issues.

But when I left yesterday the pavement was still a bit wet from previous down poor rain. I was taking it easy then I roll on the throttle to pick a spot on the freeway and the rear end started to cut loose! 60 of torque on a 400 lbs bike... gotta be easy when it rain. I then switch to Mode B on the map switch.


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3,200 Miles on my Conti Motion rear

Didn't realize how long these tires have been around. In their heyday they were probably the bomb...sort of. I did not have a set of these, only a rear due to lack of any other tires that would fit when I popped my PP3's rear.

I will say this, it handled fairly well in the dry. I did not have a front so no idea how I would have liked the set, but it seemed to pair up OK with my PP3 front. I thought I would make it through the summer with this tire as it is billed as a ST. Well, that did not happen. Just replaced both tires and that Conti Motion only had 3,200 miles on it! I could have squeezed a couple hundred more miles, but for a sport touring tire this is quite pathetic. I ride "spirited" in the hills so no freeway droning.

Yes, they are cheap...but unless you change your tires by yourself you pay labor...and that has to be factored into the overall cost. I'm expecting my new Metzeler Roadtec 01's to do much better in performance and life.