Brussels Auto-Motor Salon 2013 part3


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Aprillia's flag ship

Yamaha's classic bike remains a beauty

FZ1 genII European colourschemes dissapointing

XJ6 stuntbike

FZ8 colourscheme new. You like it or not!


BMW S1000RR ready for a holiday

K1300S remains a good and fast looking bike

His naked brother

this is a funbike F800R

Race version S1000RR

BMW's new GS1200 Liquid Cooled engine



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all the bikes I would consider in one post , thank you :)

(except aprilia f800 and fz8)

I do like the new color scheme of the fz8 hope they will make a fz1 gen3 with it


Is it me or has Yamaha fell by the wayside with their Euro Color Schemes?? Are they using colorblind designers or what!? The Euro versions are usually way better than the States but not this year.