Bridgestone T30


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I think you should have more sport-touring biased tires on an FZ1. I absolutely loved the Roadtec 01's on the fz1

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oops Im after feedback good or bad about a set of tyres im thinking of for the fz1
i have a set of t30s on now that are almost done
the tyres im thinking of are METZELER SPORTEC M7rr
ive seen a good review on revzilla
I'm using Pirelli Diablo Rosso III's and they have been great so far.

If you like Bridgestone then the S21's are supposed to be pretty good too.

I personally haven't used the Metzeler M7's but they are supposed to be a good tyre too.

You can't really go wrong these days, all the Hypersports tyres are pretty great.


I've got a brand new set of T30 EVO ready to replace my ailing Roadsmart II which are getting worn out and cupped at the front.

Considering how much I loved my T30, I'm looking forward to using the EVO version!


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I got over 8000km out of the diablo Rosso 2, and the center of the 3 I have on there now are harder. These are not flattening off nearly as quick as the 2s did. Bt then again, I have also been riding more twisties than long straight roads on the 3s than on the 2s.


Given that Pirelli owns Metzler and all the tyres are apparently made in the same factory, ( just what I have read) one would imagine that the compounds would be common to a degree between the products, be it the patterns are different