2001 fz1 parts

There are at least a dozen sprocket covers on ebay for between $8 and $35 The one I linked is $20.

Here's one for $1.25 and he's offering 10% off.

There is a set (Panel 1 and Panel 2) on ebay for $89 but one has a cracked area. Part Shark sell them for $52 ea. new but I can tell you I've had 2 on back order since Aug. Partzilla has a few in stock but I think they are $75 each. If you want to find the partzilla ones use the part number from the fishe along with Partzilla in your search. My last link is to the Partshark site with Part #s


reasonable cost for new, the couple I saw on ebay are more $

not cheap. They come up on ebay occaisionally but never when you need them. Don't forget used ones are 20 y.o. how much longer will they last

When you search ebay there are often sellers who list by part no so just get the number off partshark and plug it iin