1. bewarethefuzz

    ECU Swap help

    Couple of ECU questions for those in the know about swaps. Particularly red key/immobiliser equipped bikes and black key/non-immobiliser bikes. 1. Is the ECU matched to the bike for the red key bikes? It looks like it from the parts fiche pics attached. 2. If it is matched and the flashed...
  2. D

    New to me, 2014 FZ1

    Hello all! Just picked up a 2014 FZ1 with 3100 miles. I'm in Indiana, USA. so the riding season is a few months away. It came with a Delkevic slip on, Tail clean up kit, and LED turn signals. Other than that it seems stock but how do I know????? No tool kit or owners manual. Had a...
  3. T

    Stock Rear Shock Colors?

    Dear FZ1 Forum, I am new to this forum. So if I do not follow the correct mores, please forgive me. :bowdown: Recently I bought a very nice 2010 FZ1 with only 13.000km on the clock. It is a wonderful machine. I'm having trouble figuring out wether I have a stock rear shock spring or an...
  4. Klurejr

    Red Light Runner

    This is really bad... I mean, come on man!
  5. Dustin

    Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light

    I recently purchased and installed a pair of Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail lights. These are OEM replacements for 7443 bulbs and are not touted as bigger or brighter but have a 12 year life guarantee, consume less power and offer the 'instant on' of LED lights. I was...
  6. NJFZ1

    F/S: Gen II Copperdog Rear Seat Cowl - Red

    have for sale a Copperdog rear seat cowl in excellent condition. This is the Strike model. Will match the factory red paint that was used on the FZ1 in various years. $225 shipped CONUS. PayPal preferred. If interested post on here or send me a PM. Pics below:
  7. R

    Gen 2 Top Sellierie Leather tank cover- FS or FT

    Okay guys I have a 3 week old Top Sellerie leather tank cover for a Gen 2 FZ1 in black. The thing is AWESOME. fits like a glove and looks beautiful. I got it originally to cover my dented gas tank. I just happened upon a new tank and fender set in red and so I am looking to either sell this tank...
  8. S

    WTB 2006-2014 Shift Red Left Lower Fairing

    Had my stand sink into the mud when left parked. Looking for a mint replacement left lower yamaha fairing in shift red..
  9. FZ1inTX

    Are you a Blood Donor?

    How many of you donate blood? Do you keep track of your quantity? Before the Red Cross donations, I was giving directly to the military and gave 19 pints of whole blood. I just made my 47th donation to the Red Cross. That makes 8.25 gallons. I should have donated more over the years...
  10. K

    2008 FZ1 Shift Red

    Everybody, I am regrettably listing my FZ1 for sale. I have thoroughly enjoyed riding this bike and am going to really miss it. I am selling because I don't ride it much anymore and this bike is set up too nice to sit in a garage. A couple years ago I witnessed my father rear end a car on his...
  11. Dicko

    OK, I'm Done.

    As it stands now, I think I have finally finished modifying the bike. It's awesome to ride & I can't see anything else I'd change. I did think about the indicators, but the stock ones don't bother me, so I'm leaving them on. List of mods Micron GP slip on (replaces GYTR Carbon exhaust)...
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  17. Freshly Waxed

    Freshly Waxed

    Freshly Waxed
  18. A nice day to have A FZ1 in WA.

    A nice day to have A FZ1 in WA.

    I took this on Febuary 3, 2012 in Edmonds WA. Enjoy..
  19. R

    FZ-1 Red is Hard to Match!

    I have a 2008 Red FZ-1 and need to find a Helmet to match the red anyone out there find anything
  20. J

    2008 FZ1--Only 500 miles!

    Up for sale is a barely used 2008 FZ1. I purchased the bike in November of 2008 and I just don't ride it. The oil was just changed for the first time. The fairings are Yamaha OEM and the dealer installed them when I purchased the bike (I have all the original parts to return it to its naked...