1. Dustin

    For the mountain bikers of the forum

    My friend is an avid downhill MTB rider and he just started up his own YouTube channel with a really cool POV style. He's going to post videos of all the different trails and racing events around BC and other places. The videos are really cool as they are shot with a sweet stabilizer for a GoPro...
  2. silentcropduster

    School me on motorcycle locks

    I'm sure some have you have read in the past the guy on Reddit AMA that use to be a bike thief and shared his "how to not get your shit stolen" idea's. If you haven't read it, please do it's a a real eye opener. I am in need of a disc lock or U lock to lock my bike, as well as helmet and...
  3. Dustin

    KTM 1190 Adventure R - Can It Really Go Offroad?

    Oh yes it can! This is pretty incredible
  4. Klurejr

    How to make your own Studded Tire

    This is crazy and probably not the best way to go about doing it, but the end result looks pretty awesome. ​Making DIY Studded Tires Is Mesmerizing To Watch, Still A Bad Idea
  5. S

    garage door opener

    Open your garage door with your SmartPhone or headlight highbeam Flash2Pass The whole cell phone thing kinda sucks because you have to dig it out, but integration into your headlight see me pretty cool. (my phone opens the door and it's a pita)