1. DenArnold

    DenArnold still around

    All, I have been of the grid for some time, mainly updating FB. Some of you will have seen I had some great time this year in Italy on a motorbike trip and in Sweden with the Family. It was like I was enjoying life too much as in August I was informed my job after 22.5 years at British...
  2. delbert

    clutchless shifting

    Hi Sure this has been covered at some point but how many of you shift gears without the use of the clutch ? Ive been doing this more of late and find you can get a better smoother /transition between changes ,is the gearbox on the fz1 up to the job ? Dont want to wreck it ;) ))
  3. FZ1-N pictured near Oulton Park.

    FZ1-N pictured near Oulton Park.

    This machine has many extras, including leavers, rear sets, power cone, seat, EBC Pads, Ermax screen and custom paint job. A real head turner.
  4. Snake pass trip

    Snake pass trip

    Complete with new BT-T30 tyres.
  5. Kenny Roberts paint job

    Kenny Roberts paint job

    Gen 1 Yellow and Black