1. P

    Hi from South Africa

    Hi all, just purchased a used 2009 registered 2008 spec Fazer Fz1000 over the weekend. I have both a 2005 hd883 sportster and a 2005 Kawasaki Klr 650 and was looking for something quicker. As I'm not a youngster any more and not being skinny, the fazer was a good fit. Still getting used to the...
  2. G

    Fitting Scotoiler V System to FZ1 Fazer 2010

    Hi Everyone, I have just fitted my scotoiler v system with the dual oiler to my Fazer and thought it would be useful to share some pictures to help anyone else.
  3. Devilsyam

    Hydro carbon dipping

    got into this before Christmas and its gone blooming mad im sure there must be places stateside that cater for this but here are some examples of work done for uk fazer / fz1 owners been busy
  4. On the Fazer this time

    On the Fazer this time

    <p>Littlest one decided to climb on the Fazer this time. Seems she\'s already worked out that you twist that handle thing and go "Rrrrrr Rrrrrrr"!</p>
  5. Shined and ready!

    Shined and ready!

    Still in the throes of winter here so I selected this from last spring.
  6. Sunset near Maramarua

    Sunset near Maramarua

    Couldn't help stopping to admire the view on my return ride
  7. It's clear up here!

    It's clear up here!

    The only hint there's a city down there is the top of the Sky Tower peeking out of the fog.
  8. Fz1-n 07 Seat cowl and belly-pan

    Fz1-n 07 Seat cowl and belly-pan

    My toy :)
  9. F

    2009 US Naked conversion. help.

    My 09 FZ1 and I want to lose the half-fairing and make it FZ1N. Does anyone know what, where and how to get the necessary parts in the US? Remember seeing somewhere someone ordered them from the UK. I'd prefer new OEM Yamaha parts, but if good quality aftermarket exists, that may work as well...
  10. The Little Fazer

    The Little Fazer

    Photo: Ozkan Uner http://www.europho.to/
  11. The old FZ6

    The old FZ6

    Image: Ozkan Uner http://www.europho.to/ Istanbul / Turkey
  12. My 1st Fazer

    My 1st Fazer

  13. T

    Anyone Struggling to Sell Their FZ1?

    Hi All, I was wondering if I've gone mad or if the Fazer is not a desirable bike anymore. I've (very) reluctantly been trying to sell my 2009 FZ1 Fazer that has a lot of extras: top box, gps mount, tank pad etc etc. It's got very low mileage at 4,900, garaged, amazing condition but yet no...
  14. My Yamaha Fazer

    My Yamaha Fazer

  15. My Yamaha Fazer

    My Yamaha Fazer

  16. My Yamaha Fazer

    My Yamaha Fazer

  17. Fazer and the key

    Fazer and the key

  18. Auckland from Mt Eden

    Auckland from Mt Eden

    Auckland and the Waitemata harbour from Mount Eden - Oh and a foreground Fazer!
  19. 2008 FZ-1 by the pond

    2008 FZ-1 by the pond

    My FaZer