1. P

    Hello from Harrow & Isle of Wight

    Hi Chaps... I use a 2002 FZS Fazer for a regular commute up and down the good old A3. She does it very well, though thanks to UK salt spreading is getting quite tatty. Just of 60,000 miles on the clock and running as sweet as the day she was made. Always on the lookout for other owners to...
  2. Dustin

    Michelin Road 5

    New Pilot Road tire available starting 2018! Michelin decided to drop the Pilot from the Pilot Road series and now are calling them just plain ol' Road. This is the Michelin Road 5: Road 5 marketing PDF write-up They sure do look cool! I want to try 'em!
  3. SteadyEddie


    Anyone have issues with the clock not keeping time? And, when I had the ZRX, we had a list/post of parts swaps that fit different year bikes... is there a list for FZs?
  4. T

    Time display 12/24 hours

    Can anybody tell me whether the clock on my 2009 FZ1-S could be set to show the time in 24hour format rather than the standard 12hour format? (The owner's manual doesn't mention this at all...)