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HI ya....I had to delete your pic from BOTM....rules state you can't play again for 2 months. Sorry
Time Time Time! Kinda slipped away.....I did send Admin the info to change the BOTM pic on home page. Hope He'll get to that soon.
Well, I see you've made another successful trip around the sun! Yippee!
Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!
Yes, we did! I spoke to Eric, but my buddy Jason had already started dealing with another sales associate there - I can't remember her name - so she wound up taking care of Will. He bought a jacket and seems to really like it.
Hi & welcome to this side.....are you thinking about an FZ1?
You won't be disappointed!
Hey there, I'm a fellow NH FZ1 Rider. Just purchased a '15. I see your main pic a lot in the post logs and am really interested in learning more about your seat on that cobalt '13. How comfy is she and would the designer be interested in another customer?
Thanks for your time!