Protecting my 2014 FZ1from a fall


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Hi everyone!
I do a lot of parking lot drills and it will come a time where I might drop the bike. I would like to protect the bike entirely from damages including, frame, mirrors and exhaust. Are they such parts? I do not care about looks at this point, I don't want feel guilty to let it go down and pay for repairs and just enjoy drills with no fear.

If U also could link me to online stores that do sell those parts, that would save me time. If You do have it installed on your bike already, I would love to see the pics.

If they are threads already posted on this subject, please guide me there. Thank U in advance!



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Typically they are called crash bars. I've got some fellings on mine, they are just to protect the case and it is a 1st gen.
For adventure type bars you see more full coverage options, like the ones on my Vstrom


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My Gen2 FZ1 has engine and frame protection pucks fitted. Only really designed to protect the engine cases and the frame spars.