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This has been talked about quite a bit on the FZ1OA forum... but... PJ's Parts - Accessories For Every Bike And Rider is WONDERFUL... PJ sells Rizoma goodies, as well as knee sliders, handlebars, mirrors, mirror block off plates, brakes, brake lines, grips, all sorts of top notch Italian made stuff. Dealing with PJ is perhaps the best online buying experience I've ever had. He's remarkably easy to deal with, and takes care of his customers better than any other online business I've ever used. PLEASE give PJ a try for you aftermarket needs.


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+1 for PJ's.

Have done a couple orders from them and they're very easy to deal with! Great customer service!


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Did a trash pick-up with him on the dragon a couple of weeks ago, then he led us on a waterfall ride. It was great, and he is a good man.


Yeah, pj rides a g1. At least he did until he bin-ed in a while back. I deal with them often, mostly with rizoma stuff. He knows what works on our bike. For instance, pj told me that the only way my rizoma mirrors would work was on the bars. I fooled around and finally figured out that pj knew what he was talking about. Why reinvent the freaking wheel?
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I've bought an exhaust, mirrors, bar ends from him. He's great to deal with. Knowledgeable about what fits the bike.


Another happy customer

PJ's is where I bought my MIVV GP. He shipped cheap and FAST! Great to deal with. Don't hesitate if you are thinking about buying from him. :tup::tup:


AAA+++ for PJ Parts, nothing was a problem and hooked me up even though i live on the other side of the planet.


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PJ and Paige are the best; super nice, and very responsive.

I've bought several Rizoma products from them, most recently my rearsets.


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I've made several purchase's from PJ and Paige and have never had a bad experience. They are awesome to deal with and I always check their website first when I'm looking for new toys.