Next Yamaha Project???


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That would look great next to a Kenny Roberts version. What a pair that would make. I'm excited to see another RZ350 in the forum family. It needs a license plate that somehow says "MOSQUITO FOGGER", but I don't know how to fit it on a plate.

Bring 2-strokes back!

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Sweet! This will be a fun project! Priceline a truck rental for dirt money, fly up, load it in the truck and drive back to OKC. :D


Nice score Pete! Nice thing about the F2 bikes is that they were more "refined" than say my 31k '84 model. Plus Yamaha changed some stuff along the way so upgrading is easier. For example you can bolt on better front calipers from a later model Yamaha FZR400, FZR1000, etc.

By the way I have a Fox shock that I can sell you. It may need a rebuild, but it doesn't leak and the remote reservoir still has a charge. I was going to use it, but then I bought the new Koni.
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Oh sounds like you'll be ready to start tearing it apart when it arrives. I hope to get my chassis squared away by Friday and then I'll take the motor apart. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I like your plan :D

I may just put on new seals and call it a day for now depending on the condition of the rings and pistons.