New Yamaha Project???


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New Yamaha XV920RJ (Seca) Project???

I've wanted one of these since 1983. This was an underdog Battle of the Twins bike. Uses the rock reliable Virago 920 motor.

Oh I have plans for this one!!! THIS is a REAL Cafe Racer, not this mumbo-bumbo BS "Cafe Racer" crap people are doing with POS bikes.

I see an R1 front end, Dunstall flat seat, fender, etal. Tweak from 65hp to 80hp. Oh yes.

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Well so far I'm making money on this project. I called Progressive to add the bike, $15.00 a year. With the multibike discount I'm refunded $7.00!



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Just bought one

I had always wanted one of the "Europeon" chain-drive XVs & finally found one this Summer. I thought about hot-rodding it (carbs, exhaust, etc.) but I find myself just wanting to ride it just as it is. (Oh yeah, I fixed the starter drive)I ride it almost exclusively...the FZ left in the garage.


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Thanks for the info. Did you have the shock body rebuilt?

The more I've been fork shopping I may just do FZ1 Gen1 fork and triple clamp. That way I get a larger, stiffer , more adjustable fork, yet keep the traditional look.

Did you have any luck finding an exhaust? I may just buy some period Kerker cans and convert the existing system.

Today I was looking at the Yamaha parts fiche and parts can be far and few.

Regardless this will be a fun project.


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Bike arrives tomorrow morning.

First mod on the way, '81 YZ125 Aluminum Swingarm...$14.99 shipped!

My goal is to mod using only Yamaha parts from Ebay or CL. The exception will be consumables; Chain, Sprockets, Brake Pads, Cables, etc.


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I can't wait to see your bike coming together.

I was looking at the list of vehicle my boss own today, I did notice one of them is a 1970 CB750. I'll ask him next time I see him when the bike is coming my way. I won't mind taking that one for a ride or event buying it from him.