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Hey y'all.

I just bought my FZ1 last week and am loving it so far.

It's a 2012 with about 4,000 miles on it now. I bought it from the original owner.

Every time I ride, I'm amazed how smooth and capable this bike is. I've never ridden anything this new, so it's quite an improvement from what I'm used to.
I love the versatility of this machine. Great for commuting, trips, pleasure riding, or drop a few gears and ride like an R1 :)

I have a knee replacement, so finding a bike I can ride is a challenge. ( And I'm not a cruiser fan)
I work at a Yamaha dealer and this bike had been sitting in a back lot for months so I decided to ask about it. Turns out it was a consignment bike. I took it for a test ride then called the owner and made an offer. Took the bike home two days later.
The riding position and pegs mostly work for me. I also have arthritis in my right ankle and right elbow. My metal knee has some difficulty on the left peg and does get stiff after awhile. I have ordered some adjustable pegs to see how that goes.
Also looking into some highway pegs. I feel that with the right modifications, me and this bike will eat up a lot of miles.

I bought it in nearly stock condition- only modifications were a flat black paint job and a fender eliminator.
I have since added some bags, an integrated tail light (the rear signals were interfering with the bags), RAM mount, and Zero Gravity touring windscreen. Lots of future plans. Parts are still coming in.

My name is Austin. I live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas. You'd probably never guess due to my joint issues, but I am only 24.

Here is my favourite picture currently:

Here's an album of more pictures:
FZ1 by Austin Boykin | Photobucket



What is your inseam measurement? If you have longer legs, I can see getting a bit cramped. You could have your seat customized to make it higher and give your knees less bend. There are also lowering pegs to consider.

I'll soon be living in Austin. About 4 hrs away but I'm sure we'll be arranging some TX group rides for weekends!