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Mac fz1n

Very nice naked conversion.

Is that ceramic coating on the pipes?
I've considered doing it myself, just not sure what the finish would be like.

Looks great, thanks for sharing.


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I find the wind is brutal at speed with no screen and even tends to lift 75kg me off the seat as it hits my chest. Quite scary only hanging on by the bars! Are you not going to have mirrors? It looks great so far.


I have a nice set of bar end mirrors on now. The pipes were terrible looking so some Simoniz vht black straight on to the pipes. Looks really well in the flesh. The paint is a fantastic finish . All I did was rub the pipes with a few balls of aluminium tin foil. Which takes the tarnish off and cleans the pipes. Then hit it with the paint. 20201015_183255.jpg


Ps I painted the pipes in situ. On the bike. Wee buns . Once you've them coated with a few Coates run the bike and bake the paint . It will smoke a bit . Only need 1 tin aswell. Leaves a really fantastic finish . Headlight was bought from a breaker with bracket indicators and small screen. 180 including postage to north ireland. I was well pleased. Easy conversion aswell. Its more or less plug and play. Just fold the headlight harness under airbox as its massive. 20201009_163341.jpg